December is the Miami Dolphins Kryptonite

December is a month of holidays, celebrations, and great times with friends and families. However, for the Miami Dolphins, the dreaded turn of the calendar from November to December has meant shortcomings, failures, and let downs.

Similar to the way you would see Superman weaken at the sight of Kryptonite, the Dolphins have experienced the same when it comes to the feared “D” month.

All you have to do is look at the 2014 season, which was only two seasons ago. The Dolphins were playing their last game of the season against the New York Jets at Sun Life Stadium (now Hard Rock Stadium).

All they had to do was win that game in front of their home crowd of 70,220 fans. With that win, and either a Baltimore Ravens loss or San Diego Chargers win, they’d make it to the postseason.  The Fins lost 37-24.

Or, look at the prior season, in 2013, when the Dolphins were 8-6 heading into their week 16 game against the Buffalo Bills. With two games remaining in the season, they controlled their own destiny in order to reach the playoffs.

All they had to do was win the final two games of the season against the Bills in New York and the Jets at Sun Life Stadium, and they would make it to the postseason. Again, the Dolphins fell short by, first, losing to the Bills 19-0, and then a  loss to the Jets 20-7.

Since the last playoff appearance in 2008, the Dolphins have pretty much had the same results in December:


So here we are in December, again. The Miami Dolphins are in sole possession of the sixth playoff spot in the AFC, with a chance to control their own destiny. The good news is that this season’s team is playing with a high level of confidence and a group of talented players that was never seen during each of the prior seven seasons.

And more good news is that the coaching staff is developing players better than any of the prior seasons as well.

The bad news is that we just flipped the calendar to now say December and December is the Miami Dolphins Kryptonite.

Let’s hope that this will be a Miami Dolphins December to remember!

This column was written by Ian Berger. Follow him on Twitter: @ian693