Price Check (2012) watch online free, reviews


A mid-level exec in a supermarket chain (Mabius) finds his life shaken up by his new boss, Susan, who starts to groom him for an executive position.

Movie reviews:

Posey, her attention divided up into slivers, is funny as hell, but she’s also terrifying in her evocation of a kind of moment-to-moment PowerPoint existence.

Writer-director Michael Walker keeps a firm grip on his smart material, offering up big laughs, lots of recognizable behavior and, in the end, a wistful glimpse at life’s inevitable priorities.

A hilarious Parker Posey provides her customary blast of brittle energy in Price Check, an engaging corporate comedy.

A prime example of the type of well-produced, smartly cast independent features that Sundance has been helping launch into the theatrical marketplace over the past few years.

The script is teeming with informed jargon about the business of supermarket pricing, and with actors like Posey as its vessel, the dialogue rings with an unlikely blend of fascination and farce.

After a strong start, the picture itself has trouble checking out, but it provides a terrific showcase for indie princess Posey, leading a topnotch cast.

Once Price Check darkens, it loses its comic footing, along with its nerve, and becomes a wishy-washy potpourri of elements that fail to mesh: backing away from its satirical potential, it sputters toward an evasive and unsatisfying ending. Ms. Posey, how