Sixteen Candles (1984) watch online free, reviews


Nothing seems to be going right for Samantha (Ringwald) on her sixteenth birthday. Her family forgets her birthday, she’s in love with the school jock who doesn’t seem to know she exists and the school nerd won’t leave her alone.

Movie reviews:

The best teenage comedy since last year’s “Risky Business.”

Molly Ringwald is radiant here as the eternal teen looking for love.

This is a fresh and cheerful movie with a goofy sense of humor and a good ear for how teenagers talk.

Ringwald is engaging and credible. For the boys, there’s a bright, funny performance by Anthony Michael Hall.

Hughes invokes the classical unities of time, place, and plot symmetry, yet he trashes his careful structure every time he needs a gag – destroying the integrity of his characters, shattering the plausibility of his situations.