Sliding Doors (1998) watch online free, reviews


Parallel story lines explore the concept of fate and how simple moments have the ability to change our lives.

Movie reviews:

So inventive, confident, and accomplished is the production that it’s a shock to learn Sliding Doors is the work of a first-time director-screenwriter.

This is the lightest, brightest and tightest film confection to come down the date pike in quite some time.

The story is hackneyed, and the gimmick only doubles the dullardry.

Paltrow is as radiant as ever, but she keeps picking parts that focus on technical skills like accents — she has yet to perform the real star’s trick of being herself, and inviting the audience to identify.

Once the movie throws in a jolting, late-in-the-gameplot twist that could have been borrowed from “City of Angels,” it never regains its balance.

Unfortunately, once the freshness of the concept wears off, the same premise starts to feel mechanical and willful.

The gimmick behind the screenplay is clever, but the filmmakers don’t rise to the challenge they’ve set themselves, merely spinning two unimaginative stories for the price of one.