The Italian Job (2003) watch online free, reviews


In this is a remake of the 1969 British caper comedy, Mark Whalberg stars as Charlie Croker, the leader of a band of thieves planning the ultimate heist.

Movie reviews:

The chase scenes in The Italian Job are the most exciting ones I can remember seeing in a movie in a long time, probably because they’re the only ones I can remember — and that’s saying something.

For two hours, the bliss of the brainless fluff is yours for the asking. It cheerfully puts the escape back in escapism.

Not only are the action sequences well-paced and witty, but Gray neatly draws out the comic high spirits in Wahlberg’s ensemble of crooks.

Fits squarely into the “exciting” category; it’s a white-knuckler of the first order.

Satisfying in a purely infantile way, and the familiarity of everything is oddly comforting. In terms of action, moreover, this makes “The Matrix Reloaded” look like a clodhopper’s jamboree.

Essentially an old-fashioned movie, nothing fancy, nothing new, just some jokes and some action and a crowd-pleasing finale.

A triumph for the machines, more proof that we do indeed live in the Matrix.