Two Girls and a Guy (1998) watch online free, reviews


A struggling New York actor is confronted by his two girlfriends when they discover that he has been two-timing both of them.

Movie reviews:

The beauty of Two Girls and a Guy is that it presents us with a hero so craven, so indefensible in his duplicity, that his twin victims leapfrog past vengeance into an almost physical state of curiosity.

The work of an obsessive who has developed a light touch–though some of his more outright themes and pronouncements can be heavy-going.

His smart, raunchy movie offers no answers (how could it?), but it poses its questions with painfully hilarious honesty.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Blake Allen is enough of a raging dynamo to find the dark humor and desperate romanticism at the heart of Mr. Toback’s ego trip of a premise, and to make Blake sympathetic too.

A fair amount of the film, especially Downey’s solo sequences, appears to have been improvised, and this lends an air of unpredictability to the proceedings.

Two Girls and a Guy isn’t a satisfying movie, but Downey is alarmingly brilliant in it — a man locked in torment who can’t find the way out.

The emotions are turbocharged and the topic is eternally relevant, but that’s not enough to save Two Girls and a Guy from being a whiny, snoozy bore.