Marcus Hiles – and Western Rim Give 59 Acres of Land for Community Parks


Sustainability, environmental stewardship, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle are all important components of open green areas in any neighborhood. As a developer of residential communities in the Dallas area, the Founder of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles is honored to be able to donate land for community parks and provide the much-needed property for natural recreation spaces.

Understanding the importance of public space for leisure and enjoyment of nature, Marcus Hiles has contributed to the transformation of multiple Texas cities with his generous gift. Inspired to create amazing places to live, these community parks are an essential part of his vision. His mandate for eco-friendly business extends to his company, which annually plants trees by the thousands.

The benefits of urban wildernesses enhance the local eco-system in many positive ways. According to American Forests, an organization that studies municipal forests and the repercussions of declining natural areas in cities,two trees can make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Parks also provide shade, cooling down a significant area and reducing heat retention. Air-conditioning requirements are lower in a community with ample canopy coverage. A car that is placed in the shade stays fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun.

Marcus Hiles is a Texas-based real estate entrepreneur and investor. As Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, he is a visionary developer, committed to designing and expanding high-quality communities with executive residential rentals available throughout the region. One of Hiles’ personal goals is to increase the tree canopy in Texas substantially. His passion to help others extends to philanthropic activities and his association with different state boards.

About Western Rim Property Services:

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