MFour Launches Interactive DIY Website to Connect Researchers & Brands to 1,000,000 Mobile Consumers in Real Time


MFour, the leader in mobile research and the creator of the Surveys On The Go® app, is excited to announce the launch of its new MFourDIY™ website. The innovative site allows users to create sample surveys, view instant pricing quotes, and generate interactive reports. It also features a first-of-its kind map of streaming data from an all-mobile panel as each person crosses into geofenced areas. “It’s exciting to see consumers respond to surveys across the country 24-hours a day, in real time,” says MFour CEO, Chris St. Hilaire.

The MFourDIY™ platform allows market research firms and national brands to get fast, cost-efficient, and high quality data from consumers who meet specific demographic criteria. The transparent site provides quick and honest answers to the following questions:

  • “How much does it cost?”
    A pricing calculator automatically adjusts cost estimates based on what variables are added to each survey, such as sample size, app tracking capability, screener questions, in-location GPS, and multimedia responses.
  • “What kind of respondents will I get?”
    The Surveys On The Go® app, the most downloaded and highest rated survey app, provides access to more than one million active members, including Millennials, Hispanics, and African Americans.
  • “How will my survey look?”
    The Survey Emulator displays the start-to-finish experience respondents will have on their phones while taking a survey, allowing researchers to see how complex survey criteria can be transformed into an easy-to-use mobile interface for respondents.
  • “How will I view the results?”
    The Project Tracker demo allows users to analyze results, transforming survey data into a variety of interactive graphs and charts.

The new MFourDIY™ website is a first-of-its-kind innovation for the market research industry. By delivering in-store or after-visit surveys to the world’s largest all-mobile panel, the MFourDIY™ platform provides fast, reliable, and accurate consumer insights.

About MFour

MFour is redefining the market research industry with real time access to more than 1,000,000 mobile consumers. Using the Surveys On the Go® app, the most downloaded and highest rated survey app, researchers and national brands are able to connect with hard-to-reach consumers, including Millennials, Hispanics, and African Americans. MFour uses GPS technology, finger print validation, multimedia capture, and GeoValidation® methodology to deliver faster, more reliable, and more accurate insights than traditional survey platforms.