Increasing Prevalence of CPaaS to fuel the demand Cloud Communication Platforms


The position of one of the most advanced ways for cloud computing has been held by cloud communication technologies over the past few years. Current connected mobile workforce is capable of working from any location which has resulted in essentiality of secure communications. Embedding voice, video and messaging directly into software applications, cloud communication platform developers offer organisations with greater scalability, flexibility & business agility, reducing costs in the long term.

Soaring demand for Customer-Centric Solutions to Propel the Growth of Global Cloud Communication Platforms Market

As per a study by Future Market Insights (FMI), cloud communication platforms have rendered easier communication primarily by mobile, social and online systems. In addition, cloud communication platforms provide enterprises to scale, build and deploy their communication systems by using solutions such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), and UCC/UCaaS (Unified Communication and Collaboration).

Widespread adoption of the trend- “bring your own device”, by several industries’ evolving work culture have fuelled the demand for the cloud communication platforms. Some prominent driver of the global cloud communication platforms market include benefits offered against over cost & rigid nature of traditional communication systems, and soaring demand for solutions that are customer-centric. However, factors such as depending on third party for cloud security & services, high initial investments, and privacy problems associated with cloud are expected to restrain the market growth.

Continuant Extends its Partnership with Tata Communications to Enhance Digital Cloud Communication Platforms

Various strategic partnerships and acquisitions have taken place in the global cloud communication platforms market. Continuant, provider of global managed services, recently announced extending its strategic partnership with Tata Communications, leading global communication & managed services provider, for the provision of dedicated hosted Cisco collaboration solutions to all enterprise customers across the globe. This partnership is expected to enhance digital cloud communication platforms. The result is one-stop-shop solution for industries pursuing completely managed and scalable cloud solutions.

Communication Platform as a Service

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), a cloud–based platform, enables developers in adding real-time communication features, such as messaging, video and voice, in their applications eliminating the need for building backend infrastructure & interfaces. A CPaaS provides complete development framework in building real-time communication features. This includes standards-based APIs (application programming interfaces), pre-built applications, software tools, and sample code. CPaaS provides also offer support & product documentation, helping developers in the development process. Few players also provide SDKs (software development kits) and libraries for constructing applications on several mobile and desktop platforms. Increasing adoption of CPaaS is expected to fuel the growth of global cloud communication platforms market in the near future.

Benefits Provided by CPaaS Include

  • Easy development and embedding of communication features by using cloud technology
  • Saving on infrastructure, human resources and time to market
  • Affordable pricing models- ability to only pay for services that is needed by developers
  • Provision of multi-tenancy or ability of utilisation of service by multiple customers at the same time
  • Allowing developers to concentrate on constructing their applications in spite of underlying IT infrastructures

Partnership between Konftel and Huawei to Provide Conference Solutions

Konftel and Huawei recently entered into a partnership with an aim of providing conference solutions. Huawei Cloud UC solution’s certification of Konftel 300IP conference phone is the first visible result of this partnership. The strategy of Konftel in this partnership is optimisation and certification of their products for leading communication platforms. Designed for open world of IP communications, Konftel 300IP is based on SIP. Creating a firm sense of virtual presence, with the help of OmniSound audio technology, Konftel 300IP is equipped with smart features enabling efficient remote meeting, eliminating hassles. The versatility of Konftel 300Ip renders it to be compatible with the market’s leading communication platforms. This ensures complete access of all the market’s customers & users to this experience.

The information presented here is sourced from Future Market Insights latest report on the cloud communication platforms market. A sample of this report is available upon request.