Choosing the Right Communication Technology for Your Business


“Fixed business voice” – technology dedicated to easing various communication hurdles faced by enterprises all around the globe. It is important for business organisations to have a reliable and cost efficient communication channel in workplaces. In addition, the technology offers a secure, uninterrupted and reliable communication service to enterprises irrespective of the location of employees.

The communication technology used in fixed voice is based on an open standard internet protocol. In the recent years, prices for such services has dropped to a significant extent owing to the introduction of new per second billing plans. Moreover, service providers are offering 24/7 tech support and more service compatibility as organisations increasingly encourage unique work cultures such as the “bring-your-own-device”.  Fixed voice platforms and services also allow real-time video and voice conferencing enterprise network, integration with collaboration tools such as desktop sharing, instant messaging, and email, benefits of network-integrated system management and seamless connectivity between mobile and fixed devices.

The arrival of IP voice platforms and services is further boosting the adoption of fixed voice technology by enterprises representing different industrial domains. Therefore, the global market for fixed business voice platforms and services is likely to witness a steady growth over the next couple of years.   Also, growing requirements of business to business communication as well as communication within an organisation having overseas branches are also fueling the demand for hosted voice services.  Apart from the aforementioned factors, companies today are striving to get into the global digital transformation picture, thereby, making technologies such as fixed voice platforms an integral entity for undertaking day to day task of business organisations. On the other hand, fixed mobile convergence and sharp declines in prices of voice unit services could be considered as primary growth deterrents of the fixed voice telecommunication services market.

Some of the key vendors who offer a wide range of fixed voice services include Unify Inc., AltoTelecom Call Center VoIP, Digicel, Nurango, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Vodafone Limited, Imecom, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Cisco Systems, Inc., and Orange Business Services.  Companies are now introducing all-in-one plans combining broadband internet, voice call, and fixed voice services in a single subscription plan.  Further, service providers are giving clients a more independent control of their enterprise network.  The latest fixed voice platforms are capable of transferring fixed voice traffic from and to PBX system, over direct and indirect access lines.  Adoption of Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) system in smaller sites has been rampant where dedicated fixed line may incur additional costing or is unjustified.

The market for fixed business voice platforms and services in North America is quite massive as the telecommunication sector in the region continues to undergo rapid technological evolution. Meanwhile, in Europe, adoption of fixed business voice platforms and services is expanding steadily due to the increasing urgency to turn communications platforms and unified communications as a single service. Use of such integrated communication technology in the regions such as the Middle East and Asia Pacific excluding Japan is gradually picking up as local enterprises in the regions are now looking to compete on a global level, which entails them to deploy effective communication systems. Moreover, many of the Asian enterprises are also realising the importance of new-age technologies in business processing.