Philadelphia and the Growing Technology Trend


Tokyo, New York, Silicon Valley and … Philadelphia: what do each of these major cities have in common? All have been or will be a technology hub. Philadelphia is on one of the major lists to be the next big technology hub in the country and that is something that is setting this first capital of the United States apart from many of the other cities on the list. The city, while a very busy and popular one, is more of an 18-hour city as opposed to a 24-hour city like New York and Tokyo. It is a smaller version of each of these but yet has managed to pull ahead in the technology race.

According to The Philly Voice, there are many millennials who are living in Philadelphia and that is one of the biggest triggers for a technologically-advanced city. The city is going to be a huge hub for people who want to be able to get more out of the technology that they are using and the technology that they are going to use in the future. It will be the first time that Philadelphia was able to surpass other cities in the technology aspect of moving forward.

There are many technology-related buildings and areas in Philadelphia. One of the biggest ones is the Penn Center for Innovation. There is a lot of technology that has come out of there and it is making its way around the city so that people are able to take advantage of everything that it along with the city has to offer. Thanks to the innovations that come from Penn Center and all of the other areas in Philadelphia, the city is going to be able to get more out of the options that they have and will be able to help all of the people who are looking for new technology.

While it is expected that Philadelphia is going to become a huge technology hub in the coming years, it is not a guaranteed thing. The city is going to need to continue working on the technology that they have created and making sure that they are optimizing all of their technological options. While Penn Center had a great deal of success in the past year, they will need to continue that success in the coming years to help secure Philly’s spot as a technology hub for the entire United States.