Theresia Brandl of Pennsylvania Graduates High School in a Nursing Home


It is not every day that nursing homes get the chance to hold graduation ceremonies. The people who live in nursing homes have generally already graduated or have had their chance to graduate and have chosen not to take it. For Theresia Brandl, this was something that she had always wanted to do and something that she knew that she would eventually get the chance to do, reports Daily Mail UK. She never knew that it would come when she was 105 years old and living in a nursing home but she did know that it would be a great day if it ever did come.

The day was great and something that people would remember for many years to come. Theresia was surrounded by people who love her, including her great-great grandchildren. This was something that made it almost surreal. Many people who graduate high school do not get to have so many generations of their family watch them graduate so Theresia was definitely special in that aspect. She was excited to graduate and it was something that she had always wanted to do. She can now say that she has an honorary diploma and proudly displays it in the nursing home where she lives.

Graduating was an idea that the administrator at the nursing home had. She knew about the Twilight Foundation and wanted to nominate Theresia for it because she knew that she was going to want to graduate at some point in her life. The Twilight Foundation grants wishes for those people who are over 65 and who have always wanted to do something for their whole lives. This was the first time that the foundation was able to put together a graduation for people to enjoy and it was a momentous occasion for everyone who was involved in it.

Theresia had not been able to graduate years ago. The Philly Voice mentions that it was because she was helping to take care of her mother who was sick at the time. While Theresia did do all of the work that was required for graduation, she never got to enjoy the ceremony because of helping her mother. Despite the fact that she enjoyed the time that she got with her mother, she did always want to graduate. When asked, she said that she would still choose going helping her mother even knowing that she would not graduate until almost 90 years later.