Avaaz and Philadelphia’s Working Class Share Spirit of Freedom


As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia holds the 6th position for the most populous city in the U.S. It is the cultural and economic anchor of Delaware Valley. The working class of Philly acknowledge the fact that full authenticity is the only thing that can enhance the state of their economy.

Philadelphians work to satisfy the demand of their people on the market and they go as far as they need to, in order to ensure that supply is equal to demand. At times, they even have to adopt new techniques from other places around the globe just to make Philadelphia a comfortable place to live in.

Philadelphians love and uphold their culture but they also acknowledge that the world is changing and Philadelphia is not an exception. This has made them dynamic in the manner that they do things while they still celebrate their culture.

Philly is known for a culture of working hard for a living and building a community. They do not shy off from humble beginnings, but they hope against hope that with commitment and dedication to their work they will soon soar high just like eagles. This means that even if something is not working out at first, they are not discouraged but they keep pushing on, hoping for a better day. Therefore, their success does not catch them by surprise. Instead, it is a reward for their hard work.

Politically, Philadelphia is an active city. Being one of the cities in the United States with a huge population, Philadelphia is a significant city in any election. Prior to the elections that happened on 8th November in the year 2016, most Philadelphia working people seemed to support anyone else but the Republican presidential nominee. There was an anti-Trump campaign in London by London citizens urging Americans who lived there to register as voters and keep Trump from getting in the Statehouse. During that campaign, there was a truck that belonged to a Philadelphian who relocated to London. He was supporting this campaign all the way from London.

This shows that the whole city of Philadelphia was not in support of the current United States’ president. There were various reasons for people of Philadelphia to deny their full support to President Trump. Some of the reasons were that Trump presented ridiculous ideas like constructing the Mexican border wall. Others thought Trump is a racist and this was reason enough to keep him from Statehouse. Philadelphians thought that there are great leaders in the United States apart from Trump. They thought that Americans would like to see someone else in power far from Donald Trump.

The New York-based civic group Avaaz, which helped collect the signatures worldwide in opposition to the election, made their presence known. Avaaz showed that they gathered strength from the spirit of Philly. Several Philadelphia residence have participated in Avaaz organized protests around the world, including the protest in London last September.

This was clearly demonstrated and confirmed the night after Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States in January in the year 2017. A huge crowd in Philadelphia went to the streets carrying anti-Trump boards. Others chanted anti-Trump slogans.

Philadelphians demonstrated against Trump’s unexpected electoral victory near Philadelphia’s City Hall. It was a chilly night with a really wet weather but the people of Philly still took to the street to demonstrate against Trump’s victory. They blamed themselves as Americans over the outcome of the election.

Working people from Philadelphia are known to take calculated risks with great courage. Most of them are not discriminative and this is a trait that enables them to live peacefully with almost everyone they come across. It is a culture for Philadelphians to fight for what is right. Philly people are born to succeed.