Launching a New Center in Remembrance of Donald McKinney


    There is good news for the residents of Philadelphia. A new center known as the Donald McKinney Center will be launched thanks to the Philadelphia Education Fund. The main aim of this center is to increase the access that students have on critical issues such as math, engineering, and science. The new center will also increase the access of technology and related materials to the students of this state. However, the new center targets students and educators of the K-12 program only. This program will come as a boost to the STEMS initiatives program and the Ed Fund program.

    According to officials overseeing the program, the McKinney Center was established in remembrance of Donald McKinney. This is a gentleman who had dedicated his life to helping students at Radnor High School where he taught chemistry. Donald McKinney is the person who created the Ed Fund’s Math as well as the Science Coalition in the year 2009. This initiative by Donald was meant to ensure that there is a collaboration between the School District of Columbia with other institutions in the area such as universities, non-profit organizations as well as corporations. He had the goal of improving math quality in the area as well as the science in Philadelphia public schools. Described by the organizers of the program, Donald McKinney used his love for science together with his dedication to education to establish this plan. He is remembered as a guy who had a good work ethic coupled with his love for people. Donald McKinney had the ability to bring people together. Other than people, he was a person who had the power of bringing institutions and corporations together for the good of all people.

    Donald McKinney’s work saw teachers receive professional development while nonprofit organizations were able to join hands with many institutions. The most successful part of this program is that more students were able to be part of the STEM experience. Critics saw the program as a way of preparing youths for careers they were not ready for. However, the stem system has been credited by many people for creating a scientifically informed population that is important for the development of any nation. There are plans to establish a new program known as the McKinney Senior Fellows that is geared towards making the STEM program a nationwide program. With the current state of affairs, a lot will be achieved with these new programs.