The Philadelphia Education Fund Initiates Stem Education for Better Schooling Environment


    It is undisputed that education is the hallmark of stable, prosperous societies. Better education systems equal better foundations for scholars. With better foundations come higher learning institutions that result to quality job markets and a better society. Towards this end, many education funds have been established to develop education systems geared towards providing excellent systems for scholars. One of these organizations is the Philadelphia Education Fund that was established in 1985. This is an independently owned not-for-profit firm committed to advancing the quality of public education in Philadelphia. Since its establishment, the fund has enhanced the environment for teaching as well as learning for scholars. The organization has directly supported schools and students in ensuring that the two teams complete their secondary education with the aim of pursuing post-secondary success.


    Recently, the Philadelphia Education Fund announced its intention to improve the education system through a department called Donald McKinney Centre in coordination with the STEM Education. The launch of the center will occur at Quorum, at the University City Science Centre. The objective of the launch was to increase access as well as engagement with scientific, technology, math and engineering fields. This is to happen through the help of the management in re-branding, re-organization as well as expansion. The STEM initiative will have a great instrumental impact on the scholars of Philadelphia. The project is partly aimed at memorializing Donald McKinney, a facilitator who successfully taught chemistry for approximately thirty years. He was a teacher at a high school called Radnor. Donald McKinney was an active moderator who established a department called Ed Fund’s Math as well as Science Coalition. This is an organization in Philadelphia that incorporates the efforts of representatives from different institutions, not for profit organizations and universities. Through the incorporation, the facilitators discuss strategies that can be implemented to improve the quality of the selected subjects in Philadelphia.


    According to Nancy Peter of McKinney Centre, Donald McKinney infused his passion for math and science when he established the math and science coalition. With his passion for education, he was dedicated to developing education strategies that would implement work ethics geared towards improving the learning environment. McKinney had a unique working code that connected different education agencies, disciplines and people. Consequently, more teachers have been able to receive high-quality professional development while not for profit organizations have been able to connect with many corporations to achieve a stable education platform. The teams involved in the new center of education believe that the core objective of the STEM system is developing a state of the art education system for better lives in Philadelphia.