The Future of Philadelphia in Energy


The field of alternative energy has been experiencing a high growth rate over the past few years. However, much of this growth was concentrated in areas like California. A lot of these jobs are now moving towards places like Philadelphia. For many years, the city has been trying to find companies that are willing to move in and invest in the city. The people there see alternative energy as a great way to make a difference in the future of the city. Here are some of the things that the alternative energy sector is bringing to the city.


Without a doubt, jobs are essential to the future of Philadelphia. Coal mining jobs are starting to die off, both because of technology and shifts in the market. The coal miners in certain parts of the city are having to find new sources of work. For some, it only makes sense to look at these alternative energy jobs as a way to provide for their families. Over time, they see this as a great opportunity to invest in the future.

Clean Air

Many large cities struggle with air quality in a number of ways. Philadelphia is especially difficult to deal with because the city is so old. This means that a lot of the buildings are due for an upgrade. This is an expensive process that the city cannot take on by itself. Many companies do not want to invest the money in the city if they do not see a profitable future. The alternative energy shift is helping companies see that there is profit potential in this area for years to come. Not only are companies investing capital, but they are investing money into the local community as well. This is a huge shift that is really helping a lot of people in the area.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the city of Philadelphia has struggled in recent years with slow economic growth. Not only that, but the city has tried for many years to bring in new companies to with little success. That is changing with some of the solar energy jobs that are moving into the area. This is an industry that does not have a background in the area, so many people are trying their best to find out how to start working for a solar energy company.