Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Helps Cancer Warriors Look And Feel Better


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The halls and rooms of all Philadelphia hospitals have been graced with the presence of many strong cancer warriors. With innovative new treatments emerging every day, there is hope for anyone who has the spirit and willingness to fight cancer. From cancer-destroying tumor beads to new chemo mixtures that come with fewer negative side effects, there are options for everyone. Many of these new options make it easier for people who are battling cancer to look and feel better both during and after treatment.

Feeling Better During Treatment
Dawn Jones stood up to cancer for 10 years. As her family says, she bowed out gracefully rather than letting cancer win the battle. Mrs. Jones found a lump, and she soon discovered that it was a fast-growing form of inflammatory breast cancer. Her husband and sons shared her inspirational story, which focused on her making a commitment to spend each day living and feeling good about her appearance. They said that she vowed to live, love and walk sexy every day. Although treatments produced some aesthetic changes to her body, Dawn embraced them to show the beauty of being a person with a passion for living. Every individual can learn from her attitude whether they have an illness or are perfectly healthy.

Feeling Better After Treatment
Deb Reinert is another breast cancer warrior who is a proud survivor. Two bouts of cancer left her with lymphedema, which is excessive swelling in the limbs from fluid retention. This is common after breast cancer. Unfortunately, this condition causes discomfort and makes it hard to continue with daily activities for many sufferers. Ms. Reinert’s daughter-in-law saw an ad for Cancer Treatment Centers of America showing that the facility offered surgery for lymphedema. Ms. Reinert decided to seek the surgical treatment. After having surgery, Ms. Reinert’s quality of life improved considerably. The surgery involved a lymphaticovenular bypass, which the surgeon used to block lymphatics and reroute excess fluid to nearby healthy veins for optimal drainage.

About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America
Many cancer patients have had a lymphaticovenular bypass at CTCA. The surgery can take up to 10 hours and has an excellent success rate. It is typically recommended for people who suffer from lymphedema to the extent that it prevents them from performing their daily activities and causes chronic discomfort. CTCA is a leading facility in many other innovative treatments as well.

In addition to having a facility here in Philadelphia, CTCA has four other hospitals in Tulsa, Phoenix, Chicago and Atlanta. CTCA was established in 1988 and quickly became a leading health facility for people to seek care. Since the 1990s, people with cancer who live a considerable distance from a CTCA location have chosen to relocate permanently or temporarily to receive care at one of the organization’s world-class facilities.

What people love most about Cancer Treatment Centers of America is how the organization is dedicated to a personalized approach. Doctors and care staff are all trained to recognize and embrace the complexities and differences of all human beings, and they are able to provide compassionate support that meets each person’s emotional needs as well as their physical needs. CTCA is a leader in using new and powerful technologies that are pioneering the way in advanced cancer treatment. The medical professionals at each CTCA location use an approach that is similar to the philosophy of Dawn Jones, and they encourage every person to find something about each day of life to enjoy and to always continue the fight against cancer.