The Best Used BMWs in New York are at Beverly Hills Auto Group


Finding a great second-hand car is an uphill task especially if what you are looking for is a luxury car. Buying a BMW even a used one is an expensive venture making it a huge financial investment. To ensure you don’t lose your money, you have to take the prerogative to research extensively. This will enable you buy a car in good condition and at a fair price. No good will come from rushing; you will only get a great deal if you are armed with patience coupled with the help of a reliable car dealership.

At Beverly Hills Auto Group you are guaranteed a superior car buying experience and guidance by a knowledgeable and experienced sales team. Founded in 1969, this dealership has an impressively large inventory of luxury cars such as SUV’s, and wagons. Since all used vehicles at Beverly Hills Auto Group are priced fairly and passed through detailed inspection, you can be guaranteed that the used BMW you buy here will be affordable and reliable. This article is a brief but nonetheless detailed guide by Beverly Hills Auto Group on the right buying process for a used BMW

How to buy a used BMW

Buying a used BMW has three main stages.

1.) It starts with researching extensively

Start by researching extensively on different BMW models to ascertain the exact brand that is suited to your lifestyle. Knowing exactly what you want makes it easier for the sales team at Beverly Hills Auto Group to help you find BMW that suits your specific taste and particular needs.

Ascertain the maintenance costs involved. BMWs in general are costly to maintain especially used ones that are not in very good condition. You have to take into consideration the cost of general upkeep and any necessary repairs.

Once you are sure about the BMW car you want, find out the potential issues associated with that model. Read and ask the sale team about any specific problems your model may face. Seek the assistance of a mechanic you trust. Some common issues you can expect with BMWs include:

· Electrical problems

Since all BMW feature complex electronics both inside and outside they occasionally have issues with key parts such as fuses and batteries. Internal electronics such as the power steering and even power windows also cause issues in most used BMWs..

· Engine problems

BMWs use turbocharged engines that have problems such as rough ride and stalling. In extreme cases engine repair does not suffice and replacement may be necessary.

With all this vital information at hand there is no doubt you will choose a brand that favours your budget and lifestyle needs.

2.) Once you are well informed, you can go ahead and pick a used BMW that fits your needs and suits your style and proceed to the second step which thoroughly checking the vehicle’s history anfd making sure it is in good condition

· Start by obtaining a detailed vehicle history report

The history of the BMW you intend to purchase will provide vital information such as details of the previous owner, any accidents the car was involved in, service history, potential liens and any warranties. Ensure that the history report you obtain is verified by law enforcement. This is an indication that is a trustworthy source of information. Although you can obtain this crucial document online, it is advisable to buy it from a reliable and independent source so that you are guaranteed that no history is excluded. Here are some of the red flags you should look out for in the vehicle history report when purchasing a used BMW:

1. Tampered odometer or mismatch between mileage on the car and on the history report. Walk away if you notice this irregularity

2. Ascertain whether there are any failed emission reports especially if you reside in a region with strict emission standards

3. Involvement in any major accidents is a big red flag

4. Look out for flood damage which is hard to find but extremely expensive to repair

5. Does anything look fake or suspicious in the vehicle history report? If so it means that there has been some intentional tampering.


· Thoroughly go through the vehicles warranty to ensure it covers all the major issues that you may face 

If the warranty does not cover the major issues then consider extending it if possible. Typical warranty cover for a BMW is 100,000miles and 6 years. Check for a certified pre-owned warranty because it is only issued to cars that have been verified to be in great shape.

· It’s time to bring in a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy mechanic

Before you start price negotiation ensure the used BMW is thoroughly inspected by a mechanic you trust. An independent mechanic with no vested interests is ideal. Have your mechanic look over all the major issues. A good mechanic can notice issues what a layman fails to see such as flood damage and substandard repair work. At the end of this stage you are sure the used BMW you want to purchase is a worthwhile investment

3.) Proceed to making the actual purchase

· Begin by finding out the market value of the BMW

The true market value is important because it informs you the exact price people are paying for the BMW in the current market. You can find this out from dealers, reputable websites and manufacturers suggested price. The true market value is the original price the dealership paid so what they offer you must be lower. There are 4 important prices listed under the true market value of your used BMW:

I. Trade in Value

This is the price the dealership paid the customer for trading in their car

II. Private party

The buying price if you exclude the dealership and buy straight from the previous owner

III. Dealer retail

The price the used BMW is going for at most dealerships

IV. Certified used vehicle

This is the price of the used BMW if it comes with a certified used warranty

V. Come up with a number that works with your budget and stick to it

There is nothing wrong with walking away if you don’t get what you want. This is an important purchase so it is advisable to avoid making impulse decisions that you may regret later on.

Finally always be realistic about the offer you receive from the dealership. While a bargain is great, keep in mind that nothing good comes easy. No one will offer you a cheap price for a used BMW that is in excellent condition. At Beverly Hills Auto Group you are guaranteed unlimited access to a committed, friendly, respectful and professional sales team.