Woman Found Bludgeoned in Local Park


A gruesome discovery was made by a passerby in the early morning hours of Saturday in North Philadelphia. The bludgeoned body of a 33 or 34 year old woman was discovered in a park behind Dobbins High School on 21st and Lehigh Avenue.

The body was found shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday morning. Paramedic’s efforts to revive the victim were unsuccessful and the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Philadelphia Police Captain Drew Techner was on the scene and described the body as having multiple stab wounds to the chest and torso and going down her legs. Her face had been beaten and she was covered in blood. She was partially clothed, indicating a possible sexual assault. The Captain stated that the passerby had stumbled upon the body walking near a bench in the park. Homicide detectives interviewed the passerby. Captain Techner said, “This was a brutal savage attack. Someone wanted to make sure she suffered and was killed. Her condition shows an awful experience that she must have gone through. She was stabbed repeatedly. Somebody didn’t just stop once or twice or three times. They just kept stabbing this woman all throughout her body.” At the time, it was not known how long the woman had been dead in the park. Some of her belongings were discovered scattered around the crime scene and led police to believe that she possibly lived in the area.

Police worked in a downpour of rain and heavy wind gusts, collecting clues before anything was ruined by the weather. Police canines were alongside them in the search. Residents showed concern for the shocking discovery but the Philadelphia police assure them that they are working diligently checking nearby security cameras and searching for more clues. A knife handle with no blade was recovered near the scene as well as the victim’s belongings that were scattered about. No suspect was named at the time but an active man hunt is underway. More details will be released as this story develops.

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