Building Back a Great City


    For many years, Philadelphia was one of the most iconic cities in the country. There are a lot of people who visited or worked there. However, over time, the city started to fall. Part of the issue was the lack of jobs being created in the area. The other issue was that the city was crumbling and taxes were high. A lot of people are excited about all of the changes that are going on in the city today. A huge renovation project was just approved by the city, and many people feel like this is a great way for the city to take the next step.


    There are many parts of the city of Philadelphia that need to be improved. With all of the old buildings and roads, it is difficult for people to see how great of a city this once was.

    With the new budget approved, the city is going to have the capacity to invest the money needed to drive improvements and innovation in the coming years. Now is a great time to look for ways to invest in this city with new companies. The city has already started to see interest from people who are interested in starting their own company in the area.

    Economic Growth

    One of the biggest issues faced by the city is the lack of economic growth over the past few years. Now is a great time for the city to start investing back into itself. With some of the changes that are going on in the city, growth will be higher in the years ahead.

    If more companies move to the area, more jobs will be created for the people who live there. A lot of workers have been displaced since the coal mining industry has declined. There are many people who are worried about what the future of the coal industry is. New jobs and industries will help to mitigate any lost jobs that occurred during this shift.

    Next Steps

    When it comes to investing in a city, it is a long and expensive process. The city leaders of Philadelphia see how much the city needs improving. They are hoping that these investments lead to higher job growth and companies moving to the area. If their plan pays off, it is going to be a huge improvement economically over where they currently are today.