Home Collapses in Philadelphia


A scary situation occurred on Friday in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia when the second floor of a home collapsed, trapping a woman and her children. The second floor collapsed into the first, pushing the first floor into the basement area. Two people, including the 24-year old mother of four small children, were transported to an area hospital, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. One person remains hospitalized. No reports exist on the extent of the victim’s condition. Fire and policeman arrived immediately on the scene. Neighbors heard the woman screaming for help for herself and her four children and one man was able to provide assistance through a window. After climbing up a tree, the man was able to rescue the woman’s babies. The woman then jumped out of the window onto a mattress, receiving minor injuries in the process. The building was declared unsafe and evacuated. The damage occurred near the rear of the home, and a nearby home is in danger of damage as a result.

A gas leak was capped and service was discontinued to the building. All other utilities are being discontinued as a safety precaution. The building had not been receiving proper maintenance and as a result, innocent residents have been forced out of their homes. The eight people affected are currently being helped by the Red Cross to find shelter. Pets are being helped by a local service.
The building had a total of four apartments. Although the cause of the collapse is unknown at this time, residents and neighbors say this could most likely have been prevented, had the home been properly taken care of. They feel that it is unfair to the residents, who had been faithfully paying rent. All involved are thankful that this situation did not end tragically.