Kevin Hart Day Celebrated in Philadelphia


There are many notable people from Philadelphia, which is the fifth largest city in the United States. From Bill Cosby to Tina Fey, Philadelphia is the home of many well-loved celebrities. Entertainer and comedian Kevin Hart felt the brotherly love from his home city as he celebrated his birthday with a Philadelphian block party on July 6th, 2017. This would mark his 38th birthday.

Without being interrupted by the rain, many Philadelphians showed up to experience the block party that honored Kevin Hart in his Tioga neighborhood with a mural dedication. This mural is right above Max’s Steakhouse at Erie and Germantown avenues.

While in his hometown, Kevin Hart stated, “This is probably the biggest honor that I have gotten in my career to date.” The idea for the mural was suggested by Councilman David Oh. Kevin Hart had reportedly loved the idea.

In order to complete the project of the mural, Willis “Nomo” Humphrey was the first to come to mind. He is a Philadelphia-based visual artist who mentions he was blown away by the idea of painting the mural of Kevin Hart.

After the mural was finished, Kevin Hart’s older brother, Rob Hart, jokingly asked Philadelphian natives to try not to write on or vandalize the artwork for at least a month.

The mural, located above Max’s Steakhouse, was once a place where Kevin Hart could not afford the Philadelphian cheesesteak staple. Now, Kevin Hart is the highest paid comedian in the world. Kevin Hart says that he truly believes growing up in the city of Philadelphia has helped to shape him into who he is today. He has given back to the city through charitable donations for his hometown. He’s given $400,000 to his hometown’s schools to support the city that helped with his success.

July 6th is now officially regarded as Kevin Hart Day, with the mural being an excellent location to celebrate for fans across the world.