Philly Celebrates Kevin Hart with His Own Special Day!


There is no doubt about it; Kevin Hart is a comedian who is on top of the world these days. However, he never forgets his Philadelphia roots. Perhaps this is why so many in the City of Brotherly Love were excited to party on Kevin Hart Day, which was celebrated on the star’s birthday—July 6.

Not even the rain could keep away Hart’s faithful fans who gathered to celebrate the plucky performer’s contributions to the entertainment industry. The man of the hour showed up to revel in all of the love; there was even a mural at Germantown and Erie avenues, showing Hart with his signature smile. The hometown affair was made even more warm and down-to-earth when Hart’s own brother begged the crowd not to deface the mural with graffiti for at least six months.

Ever the humble man, Hart remarked that the lovefest he received on Kevin Hart Day was probably the greatest honor he had ever received in his career. For someone who has garnered as much admiration as Hart has, this was definitely saying something. Hart seemed very effusive and happy during the event, stopping to take selfies with reporters and other well-wishers. He also reflective upon his scrappy roots, recalling that there were times when he couldn’t even afford a cheesesteak. How things have changed! As the highest paid comedian in the world these days, Hart has donated a great deal of money to the Philadelphia school system.

Believing that the city of Philadelphia is partly successful for his astronomical success, Hart also stated that he hopes his contributions will serve as a reminder that others can go out and achieve great success. The city presented Hart with a Phillies jersey that had his name on it, as well as the city’s bell. As far as inspiration goes, it seems like the up-and-coming kids of Philly would do well to follow Hart’s example.