The Eagles Team


There are a lot of football fans in the Philadelphia area. The city is known as one of the most supportive cities in the country of their sports teams. However, the fans of the Eagles have had to endure a ton of bad years from the team. Although the team made the Super Bowl in 2004, they have not been back since. The team really has not even been close to winning a championship since that point. The team is at a breaking point because they are not bad enough to get the best players in the draft, but they are also not good enough to make a deep run in the playoffs. The players and coaches want better for the team, and now is the time for them to take action to do so.

Draft Class

One of the best ways to take a team to the next level is through the draft. There are a lot of teams who build a great team this way. However, there are also a lot of teams that have struggled to attract the best talent possible over the years. The best teams in the league consistently draft a high level. Many people believe that the Eagles had a great draft, and fans of the team believe that this could be a strong foundation for the future.

The team has a lot of needs right now that the rookies will have to help with. The defense is one of the worst in the league, although there are some bright spots of talent on the roster. There are also a lot of people hoping that the team will invest money in quality free agents who will help take the team to a new level.

Cap Space

The salary cap is one of the most complicated aspects of the league to understand. If a team has a lot of cap space, this means that they are going to be able to use that space to upgrade their team in the future.

The Eagles should look to cut players who are using up a lot of cap space but are not producing on the field. In their place, young players should be signed who can contribute at a lower cost. Now is the time for the team to make these moves so that they can start to be more competitive at a high level in the future.