Find the Perfect Used BMW at Beverly Hills Auto New York


    Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your purchase, a BMW is always an excellent investment. Taking 11th place in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2016 Rankings, BMW is an outstanding company whose cars are both practical and beautiful. However, while most products prove to provide more value for money when purchased brand new, you may find the BMW to be an exception to this rule for several reasons.

    The first is budget. Being a luxury manufacturer, BMW attaches high prices to its cars to match the high quality of the vehicles. For those of us without an extensive budget, this can of course mean that some of its newer models are financially inaccessible. However, if you opt for a used model, you can obtain an equally luxurious car for a potentially significantly reduced price. If you were to buy a new car with the same budget, it would very likely not meet BMW’s superior standards.

    Furthermore, cars undergo the most significant depreciation in value in their first year on the road. In opting for a used car which is at least a year old, you are saving yourself from that depreciation, and so if, in the future, you decide to part ways with your car, you will incur a lesser loss than you would had you bought your car brand new. This may be of particular concern to buyers of luxury vehicles such as used BMWs. Take, for instance, the 2017 BMW X6 M. According to the Edmunds True Cost To Own data, the model, with an average price paid of $111,756 new, will depreciate $22,544 in the first year alone – over a third of the total depreciation over five years, estimated at $66,786. Compare that figure to the 2013 BMW 1 Series convertible, currently in its fourth year of depreciation. That figure is set at $1,974, compared to $5,593 in the first year if it was purchased new. From an economic standpoint, buying a BMW second-hand is an obvious choice.

    Perhaps the most exciting benefit to buying a used BMW, though, regardless of budget, is the range of choice available. While a new car dealer will only offer more recent models, a used car dealer will give you a greater range of options, which may include more cars suited to your taste, either in terms of aesthetics or functionality. To take an example, BMW of Bayside, based near the Elmont area of New York, currently only offers models from 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018. If, however, you were to visit the Beverly Hills Auto Group, located in New York City, you would be able to choose between models released between 2006 and 2015. This greater choice will ensure that you go home with the best car for you based on your tastes and budget.

    The Beverly Hills Auto Group is an excellent example of used BMW dealership in New York. To return to the aforementioned fact that a higher quality car can be obtained for the same budget by purchasing a used luxury vehicle rather than a lower quality new vehicle, Beverly Hills Auto Group’s excellent pricing is worth mentioning. For $26,950, you could become the new owner of a beautiful 2015 BMW 328i xDrive Navigation. For the same budget, you would have a choice between just six new Nissan sedans, none of them matching or even approaching the caliber of the BMW. The price of the 328i is also $6,200 cheaper than the cheapest new BMW currently on the market – the 2 Series Coupe, priced at $33,150, and predicted to lose $8,120 in value in the first year alone.

    What makes the Beverly Hills Auto Group particularly unique, however, is its approach to business. Focusing on low pressure dealership and a variety of lenders, as well as exclusively carrying five star vehicles and allowing clients to bring along a mechanic of their choice to examine their preferred car before making their purchase, you are certain to have a comfortable buying experience and leave with an exceptional car. Moreover, the company also hand select a specialized inventory with a range of options, meaning that whatever you are looking for in your second-hand BMW, you are sure to find something perfectly suited to your tastes and requirements there.

    For a car that balances quality with price and will save you from early devaluation, there’s no better place to begin your search than the BMW range at the Beverly Hills Auto Group.