Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina Releases Article About Top Marketing Trends Of 2017


Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina recently had an article published on MarTech Advisor’s site. This was his second published article on the site within a year’s time. His first article had a strong response from marketing professionals across the country, and MarTech was happy to give its readers more helpful advice from the highly respected video marketing expert. Bob said that he was delighted to share his insights with MarTech’s readers. In the past, Bob has also contributed his valuable advice to the Huffington Post and other publications.



About The Article

Bob’s latest article addresses the year’s top video advertising trends and outlines the most popular styles and techniques used during 2016. He explains how changing technology developed into the current year’s trends. Many readers had requested an article that addressed the latest video marketing trends, and MarTech knew that no person was better suited to cover the topic than the man who is known as the creator of video advertising. At Talk Fusion, Bob continually pitches video marketing technology and development ideas to his IT professionals based on research and trends.


In his article, Bob said that most businesses today use video as a major component of their marketing strategy. He emphasized that video has become more than a beneficial tool and should be considered a marketer’s most valuable asset. His article explains how storytelling has become a popular and effective trend for videos. Since humans have a need to relate to an idea or message on some level, telling a story or providing an illustration that addresses a common problem or belief is effective.


Bob wrote about live streaming in his article. It is one of the fastest-growing trends used in video marketing as well as in social media. He pointed out that being a part of something as it is happening is more interesting to viewers. Live news broadcasts have higher viewer numbers than recorded broadcasts, and the same is true for events. One of the main reasons why people like live streaming is because it is unfiltered video content. They feel that they can trust it more than recorded content that might be edited. Companies that want to convey their transparency can benefit from live streaming. Another trend that many marketers have embraced is temporary video content. Bob pointed out that temporary content is more compelling since users feel the need to see it before it is gone.


An additional trend that Bob highlighted in his article was panoramic videos. These interactive videos allow users to pan to different angles. Marketers have endless creativity channels with such an option. However, Bob also noted that current trends should not distract marketing professionals from remembering the value of videos in email marketing rather than just on social media platforms. In his article, Bob referred to a study that showed nearly three-fourths of people today who see advertising videos prefer to receive them through email instead of seeing them on apps, websites or social media.


Bob concluded his article with tips to help people become powerful video marketers. Since there are always new trends and ideas being incorporated into video marketing, Bob encouraged readers to study these trends and embrace them. When he offers advice to people, he often emphasizes that every element of a video requires attention to detail. Everything from the color scheme to the tone of the message can be the difference between a bland video and one that captivates viewers. The key is to create a video that speaks to people enough that they feel compelled to share it.



About MarTech Advisor

The MarTech Advisor is one of the top publications shared and read by chief marketing officers. It is the world’s leading resource for marketing research, news and expert advice. Publications focus on the advancement of ever-changing marketing technologies. The company’s goal is to help marketing professionals and CMOs stay at the top of their game. In addition to giving members access to articles such as those written by Bob Reina, MarTech provides plenty of focused research and other valuable resources for members.



About Bob Reina

Bob is a successful entrepreneur who sees problems and immediately starts developing solutions. Video marketing was one of his solutions to the problem of needing more captivating ways to reach people through marketing. His inspiration for ideas often comes from other experiences. Before he developed his Video Email product for Talk Fusion, the concept of sending a short video clip came to him in 2004. He was house shopping and wanted to take a short video of a home to send to his family. Bob tried to attach the video clip, which was only several seconds in length. It would not send through email. His frustration formed many questions in his mind about what he could do if he could send videos through email. Bob talked to a friend of his who was an IT expert to develop a solution. This led to the founding of Talk Fusion. The company released its Video Email product in 2004 and additional programs in the following years.


In an interview, Bob attributed part of his success to his determination and problem-solving mindset. He sets his own deadlines for his goals and is strict about following them. Bob believes that success is accompanied by responsibility, which is why he makes multiple charitable contributions each year. He is a benefactor for an orphanage in Indonesia, and he recently donated $1 million to his local Humane Society to help endangered animals find homes. When the massive earthquakes in Nepal and Japan hit, Bob made considerable donations to aid organizations. He makes charity an important focus in his company as well with his free account program. Paying members can donate a free account to a charity of their choice. This gives charities the most powerful marketing tools and support to help them spread their messages for free.

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