Brian Torchin Talks About The Difficulties of Healthcare Staffing in Philadelphia and Beyond


Employing and retaining talent in your healthcare facility is probably your greatest priority as well as your most complex challenge. Your organization consistently positions to fill. Whether you need someone for the front desk, a nursing position or a physician’s duties, hiring the right person will result in added efficiency, improved patient care and increased productivity. Employing the wrong person will have the opposite effect.

However, spending too much time and money on the hiring process can be unproductive in and of itself. Working with a professional recruiting firm can help you focus on the operations of your practice or facility while someone else manages the daunting task of matching up the perfect job applicant. You’ll remain efficient, and you’ll end up hiring the best candidate.

Healthcare has its own language. A general recruiter may not understand the ins and outs of your organization. HCRC Staffing offers recruitment counseling for healthcare facilities throughout the world. The company has more than 18 years of experience opening, recruiting and operating medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida.

HCRC Staffing works to cover a variety of medical positions and specialties in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. HCRC President Brian Torchin explains how working with an experienced healthcare recruiter can benefit your healthcare organization.

Healthcare Recruitment Professionals Are Your Partners

Bring your healthcare recruiter on the team as an ally. The consultant must understand your organization’s culture and values. With those factors in mind, the professional can help you fine-tune your search so that you employ the best candidate the first time. This can help you reduce employee turnaround.

New hires will better understand the philosophy of the organization before they start, helping them make the best decision about where to work. The healthcare facility will gain highly compatible talent that leaves fewer gaps in its demands.

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HCRC Founder Brian Torchin

Many medical facilities use recruiters as consultants. You may need to determine whether to hire a physician at a higher salary or fill your needs with physician assistants. You might have legal questions that prevent you from making decisions about your hiring needs.

If you’re opening a new practice, you may have questions about start-up marketing. A firm like HCRC provides consulting resources to clients at no additional cost, Brian Torchin explains. This allows the company to identify specific client needs and build a lasting partnership.

Recruiting Consultants Are Prepared To Oversee The Hiring Process

According to ERE Media, organizations may get 250 resumes for one job opening. Only about four to six candidates will be selected for an interview. The screening process alone can be intense.

Many healthcare human resources departments are not equipped to manage the hiring procedure from start to finish. Asking HR employees to handle this task takes them away from their day-to-day duties. You’re left trying to juggle the talent and time that you already have.

Professional recruiters can supervise the entire employment process. Initially, they’ll help you identify the necessary skills and abilities for each position and create an organized decision-making strategy. As candidates are interviewed, they will compare and contrast the applicants’ qualifications.

The benefits don’t stop there. Recruiting consultants can take care of the administrative drudgery involved in hiring employees. Background checks, scheduling interviews and contacting references are all part of the job. A healthcare recruiter can even help an organization negotiate a contract with an applicant.

What happens if you end up hiring the wrong candidate? If you’ve used a recruiter, you won’t go back to square one. You will have plenty of other individuals to consider.

A Recruitment Firm Has A Pre-Qualified Network

Brian Torchin makes the point that hospitals and healthcare organizations focus on patient care. They don’t always spend time getting to know potential candidates in the community. On the contrary, healthcare recruiters make it their mission to develop a high-quality network of competent leads.

Torchin explains that HCRC Staffing maintains an extensive database of active healthcare workers. The company also devotes time to finding new professionals every day. The HCRC team is constantly evaluating the marketplace so that the organization can find the best fit for its clients’ needs.

Recruiters Provide Confidentiality

In many cases, Mr. Torchin says that organizations don’t want to reveal to existing employees that a particular job will be open soon. Putting an advertisement out on the internet may be a red flag to some people who are already on the team. Working with a professional recruiter prevents companies from announcing the job openings to the world.

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You’ll be able to find, interview and hire candidates without revealing your plans to your current employees. This may be especially necessary when you’re replacing people in senior-level positions.

Building a relationship with a recruiter can help with retention and turnover. The success of healthcare organizations is driven by its workforce. Keeping experienced workers is just as important as creating a pool of employees from a new generation.

Medical facilities don’t have the luxury of making hiring mistakes. Working with a professional recruiting firm can help them save time and frustration while building a strong team to help them grow toward a successful future.

For more information about Brian Torchin, view his CrunchBase profile, or learn more about HCRC Staffing on their Twitter page.