Gap Adapts Jasmyn Wright’s ‘Push Through It’ Chant in its Back to School Commercial


Gap Inc., an American retailer of worldwide clothing and accessories, has chosen to adapt Jasmyn Wright’s popular ‘Push Through It’ chant in its latest back to school advertisements. Wright is a Philadelphia school teacher at Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter School. She developed the empowerment mantra for her students to uplift their spirits during the 2016 presidential election.

In the video, Wright and 14 of her students are shown in their class performing their usual morning ritual. Wright then proceeds to ask the students, ‘What if it’s too hard?’ and they answer, ‘I’m gonna push through!’ The video ends with a text that reads ‘Back to school. Forward with confidence.’ This was the message that the teacher wanted to impart to her students.

According to Wright, the video shoot took eight hours because of dressing, makeup, reversals, and lighting. However, she said that it was not a problem for her kids because they were excited and felt like celebrities.

Wright’s Collaboration with Gap Inc.

Wright first posted the video on Facebook immediately after the 2016 presidential election hoping to enlighten her students’ spirits. It was later widely shared on social media before going viral in November 2016. This led to Gap’s decision to use the chant in its back to school campaign.

Speaking about the reason behind the making of the video, Wright revealed that she never expected it to receive such worldwide recognition. She added that all she wanted was to inspire her students to push on because they were smart.

Wright was invited to the Today Show after her viral video garnered more than four million views. Gap later contacted her in March about including the video in its back to school commercial. The company also sponsored shirts for Wright’s entire third-grade class.

Jasmyn Wright’s life has changed dramatically for the better since she released the motivational