Lockers Create a New Sculpture in a High School


    One man decided to give back to his former high school in a special way. Peter Gard graduated from Lower Merion High School 25 years ago. As a professional artist, Gard wanted to create a sculpture for the high school. However, he was unsure as to what material he could use. Thankfully, a 2010 renovation of the high school provided 700 pounds of discarded metal lockers.

    School officials contacted Gard during the demolition process of the 2010 renovation. They offered the lockers as building materials for a sculpture. Understanding how the lockers were easily recognized around the school, Gard accepted the materials. Gard later related, “When I spent some time in the building, I just realized the locker doors are the most recognizable part of the whole school.” He also reflected on his own locker. He said, “The locker meant so much to me because for the first time I had personal space to lock up and store my things.” Armed with this knowledge and plenty of material, Gard set to work on a project.

    Gard ultimately decided to shape the discarded lockers into a single sphere. He explained this decision grew out of his love of basic forms. The sphere is also simple enough to allow people to create their own interpretations. The massive sphere was hung outside of the Bryant Gymnasium, a gymnasium named for the legendary basketball star and former student Kobe Bryant.

    Interestingly, Gard has been working on the sphere for over seven years. He had access to the material during the demolition, but the project was on the back-burner as Gard tackled other projects. Thankfully, Gard was finally able to get the time he needed to finish the project.

    Naturally, many people have one question for Gard about the sphere. Everybody wants to know if Gard’s own high school locker is included. Gard graduated in 1993, and Gard knows the entire row that contained his high school locker was included in the heap of material donated to him during the renovation. This leads Gard to suspect there is a very real possibility his old high school locker is included in the sculpture. However, he can’t be sure. If it isn’t, Gard suspects it is somewhere in his workshop.

    What do you think of this incredible sculpture? Would you like one like it in your own old high school? Let us know in the comments below!