End Citizens United and Senator Elizabeth Warren Battle Dark Money


When it comes to Washington players who are longtime warriors of fighting back against the power that big money has in American politics, few have fought as hard as Senator Elizabeth Warren. For this reason, End Citizens United is endorsing her for the United States Senate. Warren was against the Supreme Court’s decision to enact Citizens United from the start, and she has worked tirelessly to reform the country’s damaged campaign financing system.

What is End Citizens United?

End Citizens United is a committee formed for the purpose of political action. Grassroots donors provide the funding. Along with this, the organization is committed to opposing the dreadful impact of Citizens United, which changed how American elections operate. The ruling determined that corporations were people, giving special interest groups and billionaires the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money in an attempt to manipulate America’s elections. Not only did the ruling open the door to unlimited spending in elections, but it also allows financial contributors to do so anonymously. This created a system without transparency.

To fight back against the ruling, End Citizens United is working to elect candidates who are dedicated to reforming the law. The organization has plans to end dark money in politics by demonstrating why this kind of money is an issue.

A Champion for Hard Working Families

End Citizens United’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, said, “There’s no stronger voice against the corrupting influence of money in politics than Senator Warren.” Elizabeth has long been a champion for hard working families. In fact, she has based much of her legislative career on defending American workers from corporate special interests. A cornerstone of that battle is money in politics. Muller went on to say, “We’re extremely proud to stand with Senator Warren and look forward to continuing to work with her to take on the special interests and fix the rigged system in Washington.”

Senator Warren believes that with Citizens United in place, the country’s democracy is in peril. The ruling has inspired a number of millionaires and billionaires to inundate the country’s political system with limitless amounts of secret money. Not only have these wealthy people and corporations flooded the system with money, but they have also hired teams of lawyers and lobbyists to manipulate the system to serve their agenda.

Warren is working toward an end to America’s corrupt political system so that every citizen has a say in the country’s democracy. She said, “I’m honored to have End Citizens United’s endorsement, and I look forward to working with them to fix our broken campaign finance system.”

A Vocal Supporter of Disclosure

According to Warren, disclosure is the key ingredient needed to prevent mega-donors from pushing their interests in secret. If the American people know how much money is being used to manipulate their government, then they’ll put a stop to it by voting for politicians who are running to serve in the best interests of the public. Elizabeth is also pushing for regulation changes that would require public corporations and government contractors to reveal the money that they spend in political circles.

Since the Citizens United ruling’s inception, Warren has been an unwavering supporter of enacting a constitutional amendment to overturn it in an attempt to end money’s destructive, corrupting influence on Washington politics. She is against Wall Street’s special interests and has focused on ways to protect consumers from the fraud and manipulation tactics attempted by big banks.

In 2018, Warren intends to repeat her request for the People’s Pledge, which makes sure that the people in her home state of Massachusetts hear straight from the candidates who are running for office instead of from underhanded outside groups. When Warren made this vow in her 2012 race, outside money was thwarted by requiring candidates who received ad endorsements from external sources to donate half of the ad amount to a charity.

How Will End Citizens United Help Elizabeth Warren’s Reelection Efforts?

To aid Senator Elizabeth Warren in her reelection efforts, End Citizens United is planning to connect her campaign with its 100,000 supporters who are in Massachusetts. The organization also intends to galvanize its 360,000 grassroots donors, the nationwide ones who contribute small-dollar amounts to make sure that Warren has enough resources to win her reelection campaign.

According to End Citizens United, the organization intends to raise $35 million for Warren’s 2018 campaign cycle. It will do this by averaging a $14 donation from hundreds of thousands of everyday Americans. Last year, End Citizens United helped elect Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire and Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto in Nevada. Both candidates are campaign finance reform advocates from battleground states. To get the two candidates elected, the organization revealed their opponents’ connections to special interest groups.

Why Are People Getting Behind Senator Warren?

Senator Warren has been a Harvard law professor for almost 20 years, and she has written 10 books. Three of her books have become national bestsellers. She’s also written hundreds of articles. The National Law Journal considers her one of the decade’s most influential lawyers, and she’s been recognized by the Massachusetts Women’s Bar Association.

After the 2008 financial crisis, Warren became the Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, which was set up for the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP. Elizabeth Warren is known for her independent and diligent efforts to protect everyday citizens and hold Wall Street accountable for its actions. She kept a close eye on the Bush and Obama Administrations, ensuring that they both acted for the good of the people. She is doing the same with the Trump Administration.

Elizabeth Warren is largely credited for the political audacity, creative thinking and constant persistence that caused government officials to establish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This agency is responsible for returning billions of ill-gotten dollars to consumers by holding trillion-dollar financial institutions accountable. It has shown itself capable of protecting consumers from the financial shenanigans that are often hidden in credit card, mortgage and other financial products.

Fighting for Change

End Citizens United is an organization devoted to getting members of Congress elected who intend to work to reverse the Citizens United ruling and pass campaign finance regulations that are designed to help everyday Americans. By endorsing Senator Elizabeth Warren and her allies, the organization has selected the right warriors for its battle.