Sexual Assaults Uncovered At Philadelphia Daycare Center


Police have uncovered evidence that a South Philadelphia daycare center owner has sexually assaulted two children at his facility. The owner of Sprouts day care center, 53-year-old Duncan Round, has been charged with seven counts of sexual assault, including rape charges and other offenses.

Other charges include deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of a minor, indecent exposure, endangering the welfare of a child, and unlawful contact with a minor.
The former Medford Lakes, New Jersey resident assaulted two five-year-old children, one boy and one girl. According to reports, the children were assaulted several times, while in Round’s care until the incidents were reported by a third party. A case worker with the Department of Human Services first discovered signs of sexual abuse and made a report to authorities.

As a part of the investigation, both children were interviewed by someone trained in dealing with child victims of sexual assault. Following statements made by the victims, police obtained a search warrant and uncoveres physical evidence to support the allegations.
“We did recover some physical evidence on location there,” Captain Mark Bergmann said of the search at Sprouts Day Care Center.

The day care facility has been under Duncan’s ownership for 10 years and, although Mr. Round is facing charges, other employees are still operating the center.
Meanwhile, parents and clients of the day care center are expressing dismay upon hearing the news. One parent said Duncan has always seemed like a “good guy,” while another father, Stephen O’Toole, refuses to believe it.

He says he doesn’t entirely doubt that something may have happened to the children, but, if it did, he doubts Round is the guilty party. He also feels it is unlikely that the assaults occured on the premise of the day care center.
Police are continuing to investigate the day care facility and are concerned that thete may be more victims. They’re asking parents to talk with their children and watch for unusual behavior, such as unexplained withdrawal. Any parents with concerns that their children may have been victimized are urged to call police.

Sprouts day care center is located on the 600 block of South 9th Street in Philadelphia.
While authorities are certain the assaults took place over a span of several days,they couldn’t provide specific dates. More details are expected to emerge, as the investigation continues.
As of this time, Duncan Round hasn’t made a statement concerning the charges.