$10,000 Reward for Center City Arsonist


6abc reports that a $10,000 reward has been posted for the identity of an arsonist targeting a luxury apartment in Center City.

The fires were started at the Sterling Apartments on the corner of 18th Street and JFK Boulevard around midnight on Friday. According to officials, this is the seventh time in the span of several weeks in which a fire has been set inside the apartments, prompting some residents to look for a new place to live.

At a news conference held that Friday, the fire department claimed that it was starting to close in on the arsonist, though many residents are not satisfied with this guarantee. “Let us out of our leases and go somewhere safer or start doing something about this,” said Joseph Tighe, a tenant in the apartments. “The last two to three weeks it’s happening over and over again, and late at night too.”

The current theory formulated by the fire department is that the arsonist is someone with a connection to that specific building, likely with a grudge against it or the people who live there. There is even talk that it may be a resident of the Sterling Apartments setting the fires.

At present, none of the fires have spread out of control and were fairly small in nature. Even so, this does not discount the potential for one to blaze out of control, potentially trapping residents near the top of the 18 floor building with no way out.

“This is very dangerous,” said Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel. “All fires are dangerous – even small fires are dangerous.”

Extra security measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of the residents in Sterling Apartments. Law enforcement hopes to catch the arsonist soon and is in need of any information that may lead to their arrest. If you have any leads on who the perpetrator may be, contact your local authorities immediately for a chance to earn the $10,000 reward and stop a criminal.