Lori Senecal on New Marketing Realities–Fostering a Creative, Guerrilla-Advertising Approach


The biggest risk in today’s digital marketing practices comes from not taking any risks. Internet advertising and other types of media marketing succeed best when companies push boundaries, provide great experiences for their customers and take advantage of new technologies that enable GPS-targeted marketing, customized advertising and compelling visual images that capture the attention of people who browse the Internet on their mobile phones. Competition in the digital arena weakens traditional advertising approaches, so getting attention often means using creative methods such as adopting guerrilla-advertising techniques in traditional promotional campaign. Most decision-makers consider guerrilla advertising as outdoor advertising and staged events that use promotional models, costumed promoters and even unusual types of signage, but the approach also works well when translated into website, print and social media advertising.

At Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, or CP+B, the agency’s team of top talent, led by Lori Senecal, is revolutionizing the advertising industry by harnessing social media channels, technologists, coders, advertising professionals and compulsive rule breakers to design remarkable campaigns in these turbulent and competitive times. That means a PB+E campaign invariably includes the three benchmarks for marketing success: reaching a well-targeted audience, delivering a message that the audience understands and wants to know more about and inspiring the audience to take action.

The user experience is critical, so CP+E encourages all its team members to think creatively and deliver unparalleled experiences such as multicultural advertising, virtual reality, native advertising and other cutting-edge approaches that viewers can access and share on their phones. Unlike pure guerrilla advertising, using this approach doesn’t necessarily involve trade shows, street events and local festivals. The concept does involve creating a memorable experience that entices a targeted customer to take one of several actions in today’s expanded sales funnel. The platform choice is often one or more of the social media forums where creative images and content tap into the customer’s heart and lifestyle.

Facebook Marketing – Compelling Attention and Fostering Engagement

Creativity and agility separate savvy marketing organizations from the pack of trend-followers who never gain as much traction as those who show true thought leadership. Great ideas alone won’t generate business unless they’re translated into action. That’s where CP+B provides a distinct advantage with its 10 international offices, pool of talent and demonstrated successes with top clients that reads as if they were a “Who’s Who” list of premium national, regional and local accounts. CP+B recommends that its clients take advantage of Facebook’s unparalleled advertising opportunities that allow companies to connect with their targeted customers in bi-directional communication and creative engagement. Companies can also take advantage of Facebook’s key performance indicators. Advertisers get large returns on their investments by following these Facebook marketing best practices:

  • Curating visual content that compels the attention of targeted customers who browse on their mobile phones
  • Analyzing KPIs to fine-tune advertising campaign details such as photo color, high-quality photo animations, eye-grabbing backgrounds and distinctive focal points
  • Displaying relatable visuals and content that resonate with targeted prospects
  • Creating a unique experience for each customer profile
  • Featuring real people in real situations
  • Providing interactive overlays that take customers to branded Web pages and websites
  • Using geo-targeting technologies to send custom marketing messages based on a person’s proximity to a given company’s brick-and-mortar operation
  • Encouraging social sharing with entertaining, informative and value-added videos and content that consistently go viral

Top Marketing Trends that Generate Appealing User Experiences

It’s important not to forget that the user experience trumps other advertising considerations. It’s all in the execution, and complex strategies won’t work if they require too much effort from marketing prospects. Ad campaigns also need to reflect and support current marketing trends, and some of the most powerful current trends include:

  • Curating Color Palettes Carefully
    Eye-catching colors are more critical than ever to attract people’s attention on small mobile screens. Bolder colors and unexpected combinations have recently become tremendously popular.
  • Designing for Mobile
    Today’s most successful marketers design websites where navigation is easy and intuitive on mobile devices. The most important information is visibly displayed while distractions and annoyances are eliminated.
  • Generating Emotional Responses
    People connect more readily with a brand when the company’s advertising, concept and theme generate emotional responses that break through the apathetic protective layer of many “window-shopping” Internet users.
  • Using Humor
    Humor has always been an effective advertising strategy. In today’s digital marketing, clever uses of humor can trigger viral sharing.
  • Recognizing Women’s Significance
    Women buy more products over the Internet than men and often manage most purchasing for their families. Showing strong women in powerful roles appeals to women and confident, secure men as well. Women superheroes, presidents, secretaries of state and chiefs of staff are becoming more common in books, television and movies, and companies can get great marketing mileage by recognizing and leveraging this trend.
  • Leveraging Virtuality
    Virtual reality is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool because VR engages audiences at a deeper level. Creating an emotional theme can draw people into a VR scenario where they can participate in scenes that can use color and design to stimulate desired responses.
  • Analyzing Data
    Creativity, design and engagement are critical, but trends evolve rapidly. Decision-makers need to analyze their results compulsively or outsource the job a qualified consultant or agency. Strong analytics practices allow marketers to refine their advertising and respond quickly to news and trends.

About the Author, Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal, the CEO of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, has triggered phenomenal growth for the agency since joining the company in 2015. Committed to personal, active and proactive advertising solutions, Senecal believes deeply in the value of ideas and expert execution strategies. During her tenure, Senecal has triggered tremendous changes in the agency by expanding its international offices, cultivating top talent and promoting modern digital marketing strategies for both nationally known brands and local advertisers. The agency has grown from 250 employees to more than 900 global employees. CP+B has won major accounts that include Hershey, American Airlines, Infiniti and PayPal. The agency has been awarded recognition that includes the Titanium Grand Prix award at the Cannes Film Festival for Domino’s Pizza.

Ad Age recognized Senecal as one of the top “Women to Watch” in 2014, and she has received a Quantum Leap award at the Game Changer Awards for demonstrating strong leadership and fostering innovation. Senecal has received excellent press and recognition throughout her professional career for such accomplishments as developing TAG ideation for marketing to young people and working her way up at McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc., to become CIO at McCann Worldgroup and eventually to assume the presidency of McCann, NY.