Philadelphia News Article


There was a police standoff in the usually quiet town of Plymouth Township on Tuesday as four young men broke into a home and threatened the homeowner at gunpoint. Around 8:30 am, watchful neighbors saw a masked man exit a van and knock on both the front and back doors of the home directly across from theirs. When there was no answer, the man and three others entered the home through a first-floor window. Neighbors alerted police.
The police arrived within minutes and discovered three men, one of whom was the homeowner, running from the scene. Two other men appeared to have stayed inside. One of the men confronted police at the back door and then barricaded himself inside the home. The homeowner, a man in his 70’s, escaped the house with minor injuries. The startled neighbors were questioned as to what they witnessed. The suspects were apprehended.
The standoff lasted for three hours, in which the homeowner was assaulted at gunpoint and threatened. Police negotiated with the suspects to surrender, which they did within a few hours. The suspects, ranging in age from 18 years to 31 years, emerged from the home voluntarily as they were taken into custody with no further incident. The four men are all Philadelphia residents.
Although police aren’t yet sure of a motive, they believe the crime was committed out of sheer boredom. They say that they believe the suspects searched the Philadelphia suburbs for a quiet area that seemed “quiet and easy to break into”. The suspects are charged with burglary and home invasion.
The victim received treatment for minor, non-life threatening injuries. He has lived alone in the home for 35 years. Neighbors are shocked by these frightening events in their otherwise peaceful suburban neighborhood. Police are crediting watchful neighbors with reporting the crime.