Three People Shot In Bridgeton, NJ


Police are investigating an incident in Bridgeton, NJ today in which they say three people have been shot. According to ABC News, there were also twenty-three shell casings found by police in the area.

The area of Morton and N. Pearl is where police responded to around 10am on Wednesday August 9th, 2017. When they arrived, they saw a Nissan car that had obvious damage from gunfire. They searched around the vehicle and found a woman laying on the ground behind the Nissan with a gunshot wound to her back. They also found a man inside the vehicle who had gunshot wounds as well. He was still alive.

Police looking around the area and found the twenty-three spent shell casings. It was at this time that a third victim was located. This third gunshot wound victim had a wound above the knee. It is believed that this third person may have been hit by a stray bullet in the incident and was likely not the target of the shooting.

Two medical helicopters were called onto the scene, and there were at least two people who remained in critical condition as of yesterday. Their fates are still unknown at this time. The names of the victims have not been released yet by the police as not all of their next of kin have been notified. Plus, they are still in critical condition and struggling for their life, so that information may not become public for a while.

There is also no word on any arrests being made in this case. Police have not put out any information as it relates to suspects or any motives that they might have had. All that we really know as members of the public right now are the events that unfolded. We do not have answers to the critical question of why these things happened. People want to know so that they can feel safe in their daily activities once again, but that just hasn’t happened yet.

One bright spot in this story is that there is a survivor in all of this. The third victim who was hit above the knee is expected to recover just fine. There do not appear to be any major injuries to that individual as a result of what happened. Those in the community are hoping and praying that the outcomes for the other two victims become as positive as they are for the third individual.