Eye Institute Of Philadelphia Giving Out Free Eclipse Glasses


Dr. Bisant Labib is the assistant professor of optometry. He also works at the Eye Institute in North Philadelphia. He stated that the clinic will be giving out free eclipse glasses. The eclipse glasses have lenses with filters that protect the eyes from the sun. The glasses are disposable.

Dr. Labib stated that if you look through the lenses right now, then you probably would not see much. The lenses only let bright light through. That is why you should wear your regular sunglasses right now. If you are unable to get eclipse glasses from the Eye Care Institute, then you will probably be able to get them from just about any eye care location.

The solar eclipse will take place on August 21, 2017. Many people will be tempted to look directly at the sky during this event. However, you should not look directly at a solar eclipse. The light from the sun is intense, and it can cause serious damage to your retina. This can result in vision damage and blindness.

There is a man who looked at the solar eclipse back in 1962 because a friend dared him too. He still has vision damage even though this event happened over 50 years ago. Even though the solar eclipse can damage your eyes, it will not hurt you to be outside during the event.

You can look at the solar eclipse through binoculars or a telescope. However, you will need to purchase a solar filter and put it at the end of the lens. Make sure that the filters are not damaged in any way before you use them.

You do not have to worry about protecting your pets from the solar eclipse. Animals do not look directly at the sun, so they are unlikely to be affected by it.