Why Imran Haque is the “Doctor’s Doctor”



Imran Haque is the primary physician and sorts most of the people of North Carolina’s health problems at his Horizon Internal Medicine facilities. He attended the University of Virginia, where he undertook the Internal Medicine Program, after which he was awarded the license to practice medicine and as an Internist, also referred to as a “doctor’s doctor” in the state of North Carolina. His work in the internal medicine field is top of the line.

With more than 15 years of job experience, Imran Haque has been of service to many patients in North Carolina, attending to them from different medical facilities affiliated with Horizon Internal Medicine. Some of these facilities include Alamance Regional Medical Center, Kindred Hospital, Kindred Greensboro, Randolph Hospital, all in North Carolina, just to mention but a few. In all these hospitals, his patients always rely on him to attend to them. As an Internist, Imran Haque deals with the general health check-ups of his patients, helping to prevent foreseen and unforeseen illnesses. In situations, which the patients are already ill, he diagnoses and treats the diseases, with the help of his professional staff members. Today, Imran Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine has two facilities in Asheboro and in Ramseur, North Carolina from where he attends to his patients. In cases in which there is the need for specialized treatment after diagnosis, he refers his patients to the best-specialized doctors around.

Throughout his career, Imran Haque has not only gained recognition from his patients, but also from the oversight body, which awarded him with the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award. This award is given to commend doctors who treat their patients with the highest level of kindness. His approach to service delivery is patient-oriented and this has led to him understanding how to deal with the patients wholly.

When we talk about internal medicine, we talk about a branch of medicine whereby, the physician attends to adults by preventing, diagnosing and treating illnesses. At the Horizon Internal Medicine facilities, Imran Haque specializes and offers services ranging from, 360 resurfacing, diabetes management, physical examinations, Venus Body Contouring and Laser Hair Removal. He has mastered these areas offering his clients the best services all over North Carolina. All of Imran Haque’s facilities are well equipped to offer the above services without having to refer the patients to other facilities. However, when he diagnoses and finds out that the patient needs more specialized care, his wide and deep network comes in handy for his patients. For instance, Imran Haque offers very helpful insights on how to deal with weight management. He advises his patients that, to begin with, they should take up the challenge not only to lose weight but also to prevent them from the re-gaining weight. This is a very important part of the weight management process, which most patients tend to forget once they lose weight. Dr. Haque also indicates that, not only the overweight people who need to seek weight management help but also the underweight, because it means that, there is something wrong. He bases his weight treatment to a combination treatment of lifestyle adjustment, medical treatment, and cosmetic procedures.

As for the lifestyle adjustments, he advises on the best lifestyle to lead depending on your condition. For instance, the overweight people should avoid eating fatty foods, junk foods and instead do more of vegetables, involve more in physical activity to help burn out the fat. If need be, it is advisable to have a nutritionist and a physical trainer to help the patient adhere to these tough lifestyle changes, which is very difficult at the beginning. When it comes to medical treatment, it involves the treating of weight related diseases, which as a result manage the weight of the patient. These conditions include elephantiasis, obesity, cancer, and many others.

At the Horizon Internal Medicine facilities, Imran Haque has invested in a professional and well-trained staff to help him in the day to day running of the facilities due to the high demand of services. The patients have come to appreciate his staff too, helping him to uphold his reputation as the best Internal Medicine service provider in North Carolina.

If you are an adult living in North Carolina and its environs, Imran Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine is the perfect place where you will get the best healthcare. He is committed to continuing to offer the best healthcare services to the people of North Carolina.