Bucks County Chick-Fil-A Baked Dead Rodent Into Food


One Chick-fil-a restaurant seems to be serving up more than just chicken, as a woman in Bucks County claims that she found a dead mouse baked into the bun of one of her chicken sandwiches last year.

Philly.com reports on what transpired on November 25th of last year. According to Ellen Manfalouti, she received the sandwich from her coworker during lunch. The sandwich came from a Langhorne location and reportedly does not serve any type of rodent meat on their menu normally.

Manfalouti began to eat the sandwich but noticed something odd about the way the bottom of the bun felt. Turning it over, she initially thought it had simply been burned before her coworker identified it as a dead mouse baked into the crust. “I realized it was a small rodent of some sort,” said Cara Phelan, the coworker in question. A laboratory test would later confirm this to be true.

Last week, Manfalouti’s lawyer, Bill Davis, finally filed a lawsuit against the store and franchise owner Dave Heffernan after neither could be moved to address this issue over a substantial period of time. The suit seeks over $50,000 for physical and psychological damages Manfalouti reports to have endured due to the incident.

This decision comes after many attempts to find someone to address the issue, with no one wishing to claim responsibility. Chick-fil-a attempted to blame the franchise owner, who attempted to blame the bakery from which they receive their buns. The bakery’s own insurance company claimed they were not liable for the incident.

Heffernan finally made a statement on Monday, saying, “We’re not going to make any comment about any allegations. It’s an ongoing allegation and investigation.” An identical response was given by Chick-fil-a, attributing it to him.

According to the lawsuit, Heffernan was negligent in his duties as the franchise owner of that location, and “failed to supervise employees who intentionally and/or knowingly served a sandwich to a customer with a dead rodent baked into the bun” and “failed to have proper procedures in place to inspect their own food products before selling them to customers.”

Manfalouti has talked about her condition following the incident, saying, “I had anxiety and nightmares, which I still do. The first month was really rough.” Legal proceedings for the case are still ongoing and no court dates have been set as of the time of this writing.