After Lengthy Quest for Talent, 76ers Have Probably Found Their Core


The longtime mantra for the Philadelphia 76ers NBA franchise has been “Trust the process.” However, fans have heard more about rebuilding potential than they have about returning to the playoffs. recently profiled Philly’s beloved professional basketball team in an interesting report titled “Philadelphia 76ers’ Long Search for Firm Foundation Appears Over.” The report was part of a special month-long league coverage series called “30 Teams in 30 Days.” The report was written by sports writer Shawn Powell and was published on Thursday (August 24th).

The Sixers were Powell’s first NBA team up for a full analysis in the “30 Teams in 30 Days” series. The 30 teams profiled by are the teams that did not make it to the NBA Finals this past June. With the Warriors and Cavs making major basketball decisions in the offseason to maintain their conference dominance, other NBA ball clubs are trying to figure out what they have to do to develop and stay on pace.

With a 28-54 record overall record last season, the Sixers obviously didn’t have enough wins to secure a legitimate playoff run after the All-Star break. However, in the offseason, it appears that the Sixers have made some swift and deliberate moves, which show that they are trying to put together a dependable nucleus of players who have enough talent to play some close games with the league’s best teams.

The team waived 29-year-old Gerald Henderson’s contract. In the 2017 NBA Draft, the Sixers scored Markelle Fultz and Furkan Korkmaz. Some analysts called Fultz the best all-around guard available in the draft. The Sixers also scored two experienced veterans via free agency. Amir Johnson and J.J. Redick bring leadership to a young franchise that has lacked direction in previous seasons.

Redick is a battle-tested playoff soldier who uses his three-point sniper shot with precision. Clutch is all throughout the combo guard’s DNA. He has made many game-breaking buckets in his time in the NBA. However, there are four players available on the roster now who are expected to be the stars this team can depend on in order to play solid and competitive basketball games.

Fultz, as well as center Joel Embiid, forward Ben Simmons, and legitimate wing man Robert Covington, will have to work together in order to be the game changers that the Sixers need. Inserting a couple of veterans with legitimate playoff experience is exactly what many NBA analysts say the team needed as well.