Two Dogs Rescued, a New Chance in Life


Recently, two dogs were rescued from River Schuylkill. The good news is the duo is set to be adopted by good Samaritans in New Jersey. The two dogs were sent to a transportation facility by Marqus Brown. Brown who had been taking care of the two dogs rescued them from a precarious situation when he was training at a boat club called Penn AC. The assistant coach for a team called BLI Community Rowing was contacted on Thursday at 6 a.m. when his boss bumped into the stranded species.


Standing at the edge of the river adjacent to the stoned walls, the dogs left an impression of exhaustion. This is because they were not only cold but also hungry and wet. Brown was alarmed by their barking. According to Brown, the dogs may have been abandoned. They must have dropped from the edge of a cliff. Faced with the need to rescue them, Brown contacted the police as well as the animal control. He thought that they would be of help. By 3 p.m., the dogs had not been picked.

Rescue Mechanism

Although disappointed, Brown took matters into his hands. He lynched the dog’s necks with lines and hoisted them onto the docks. Seeing that there was hope, one dog calmed down. Brown managed to hook the second dog’s neck into a tarp while hoisting the body out of the river. Using the same mechanism, the dogs were rescued. This was Brown’s best moment in life as he had saved two dogs from perishing in the river. In his words, it was good to see them out of the river and on the dock calm and collected from the wet atmosphere.


Since there was no owner around, Brown took the dogs to West Oak Lake, his home. He took care of them until when it was time to let go. With friends who call him Rottweiler whisper since he owns a Rottweiler of two years old, Brown thought that saving the dogs was meant to be. In his mind, he was inclined on saving them given that they were stuck by the river.

Report Filing

Audra Houghton of Animal Care in Philadelphia cited that there was an initial report concerning loose dogs in the past. According to her, the filing of the report was late compared to the arrival of the rescue team. By the time the rescue team was on the ground, Brown had left for him Oak home with the dogs. Audra commended him for a job well done.