Philadelphia Boy Helping With Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort


Disasters can bring out the best in people, and Hurricane Harvey is no different. Thousands across the country are pitching in to help with the relief effort, including one child in Philadelphia.

6abc spoke to Jett Brown, a Houston native now living in Philadelphia, and his family who have set up a lemonade stand in the hopes of raising money to help those affected by the hurricane, especially family members. Wearing a Superman cape and a Texans hat, Jett’s stand has a sign reading “50 cents a cup to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.”

“To see this young man take his love of wanting to help somebody to this magnitude, that’s amazing, that fills you with hope,” Shawn Reid, another Philadelphian, said. Jett’s plan came to him after the hurricane hit landfall as his grandparents are still living in Houston. Though the family has thankfully been able to make contact with them recently, Jett still worried for them and the other residents of the city, hoping to do anything he can to help.

Jett is far from unique among residents in the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, as many residents are doing their best to assist in the relief efforts right now. The Marlton Elks lodge located along the Eveboro-Medford Road is currently collecting donations of supplies (especially toiletries) which they plan to deliver to Houston in bulk. Their efforts are targeted at those living in shelters, hoping to give them the ability to clean themselves during the weeks in which they’ll be confined. The drive is to continue until Wednesday.

“A lot of people are going to be in shelters for weeks at a time,” said George Tencza, Special Children’s Chairman of the Marlton Elks. “There’s soaps in here, shampoo for people to clean themselves with because they basically have nothing down there.”

These are only a few examples of the great people pulling together for the sake of Hurricane Harvey’s victims. All help is appreciated, with donations being accepted at Family & Co. Jewelers, 65 E. Route 70, Marlton. Supplies must arrive by 6PM on Wednesday in order to be accepted.

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