Philadelphia Phillies Excited for New Rookie


Overall, the 2017 MLB season has not been a very good one for the Philadelphia Phillies. While the team has struggled a lot this year, there are some reasons for hope for the future. One of the biggest reasons for excitement in Philadelphia today is Rhys Hoskins, who is a 24-year rookie that just joined the team in early August.

Through the first few weeks of his major league career, Hoskins has already broken some home run records. This past weekend Hoskins ended up hitting his 10th home run since August 14, which was only his 17th career game. This was by far the fastest that any player had reached 10 home runs in major league history. The previous record was 20 games, which was shared by several different players including Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees.

While Hoskins broke the record on Saturday, he has continued to show his ability to perform and keep up the pace. In a win on Sunday afternoon against the Chicago Cubs, Hoskins ended up hitting his 11th home run of the season. While it is too short of a period of time to assume he will keep up the pace, Hoskins would be on pace for nearly 100 homes and over 200 RBIs if he was able to keep this up for an entire 162 game season. Both of these marks would easily be records in major league baseball.

While he has continued to be impressive over the past few weeks with his bat, Hoskins has appeared to be just as impressive in the field. On Sunday, he started a rare triple play to end a rallying inning and help the Phillies secure a win. The incredibly rare 7-4-3 triple play was only the third time it had happened in the past 100 years of play in major league baseball.