Grapeseed Oil Benefits Brought to the Forefront by Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold


We all agree that the fleshy part of the grapefruit is such a darling to our taste buds, besides other nutritional values that it adds to our bodies. However, we tend to forget that the fruit comes as a package, and surprisingly, its seeds are indeed the healthiest part of this magnificent fruit. Henceforth, you should think twice before tossing away those ‘seed gems’.

Did you know that grapeseed oil has been in existence for over 6000 years? It is in the 20th century that this byproduct has gained the attention of scientists and the like based on the health benefits testimonies from cultural communities. As the name suggests, the grapeseed oil is directly extracted from the grapefruit seeds; usually, wine grapes, employing cold extraction or through solvent dissolution techniques. I guess now you are wondering how you will ever extract this oil knowing very clear that there exists no laboratory in your home. Well, this is where Organo Gold comes to play by offering you the Organo Grapeseed Oil Supplement product.

Organo Gold is among the world’s largest producers of healthy bioactive products containing Ganoderma lucidum (a genus of polypore mushroom that grows on wood) and other food products. You cannot dissociate Organo Gold Company from the man behind its success, Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo T. Chua (a.k.a Bernie), the CEO and Founder of Organo Gold, is the one behind the establishment of this firm which currently operates on a multi-level marketing stage. Being born and raised in the Philippines, he experienced the health benefits of Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb, from a tender age. It is from his desire to share the goodness of Ganoderma that he started Organo Gold in 2008. Ever since the inception of the company, he has closely worked with other international manufacturers offering related products to improve the quality of his supplies, both as a wholesaler and retailer.

His commitment is to ensure Ganoderma is not only embraced in North America, Canada, and Asian countries but other continents as well. This has seen him partner with various research institutes to come up with new inventions or breakthrough in the Ganoderma industry. Additionally, Bernardo Chua is enthusiastic in what he does, and as a result, this has earned him several accolades such as the National Shoppers Choice Award for food supplements, Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry and Direct Sales Company of the Year award.

Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

1. Antioxidant

An antioxidant helps to fight disease causing radicals that may lead to a host of chronic illnesses, i.e., cancer. Grape seed oil is loaded with powerful antioxidants such as the Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Complexes, otherwise known as OPC’s. OPC has been proven to be 50 times more effective than Vitamin C and other antioxidants too. A considerable intake of the grape seed oil would be the desired option to reverse damage caused by harmful environmental factors and free radicals.

2. Prevents Cancer

Studies have indicated that this Grapeseed oil prevents the onset and the growth of cancer cells. The Proanthocyanidins compound in the oil inhibits the development of skin cancer cells. According to an article published in a journal (a), researchers concluded that grape seed was active in fighting colorectal cancer in a culture medium. In addition to the colorectal and skin cancer studies, research (b) on the effect of OPC’s on prostate cancer found out that the compound helped to stop the spread of such cancer cells. Therefore, you can save yourself from the potentially damaging chemotherapy and effects of radiation by consuming the grapeseed oil.

3. Healthier Heart/Reduces cholesterol levels

According to a study(c) done by Georgetown University Medical Centre, Proanthocyanidin compound helps to lower the overall cholesterol level and the Low-Density Lipoprotein(LDL).In lowering the blood cholesterol levels, your heart becomes healthier.

4. Strengthens the Immune System

Grapeseed oil contains Vitamin E in large quantities. Vitamin E plays a major role in instigating the production of natural “killer cells” to fight bacteria, cancer, and other disease causing organisms in the body, thus improving your overall immunity( d ).

5. Boosts Brain Power/ Delays the onset of Alzheimer Disease

Several studies have reported that the inflammation and the accumulation of compounds which causes plaque buildup in the brain can be reduced by taking the grapeseed oil. One Australian Flinders University study (e) suggested that grapeseed oil could delay the onset Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Healthier Skin/ Speeds Up Wound Healing

Linoleic acid and Omega-6- fatty acids are some of the compounds which are famously known to lead to healthier skin. Since Grapeseed oil is an excellent source of Omega-6 fats and Linoleic acid ( e ), consuming this extract would be your best solution to a beautiful skin.