Legendary Mobster Turned Witness Ron Previte Passes Away


Many people know Ron Previte as the man who put away the Philadelphia mob. What made Previte’s case notable was that he would go on to live in Philadelphia after testifying. Previte, going against the recommendations of law enforcement, continued to live his life in Philadelphia until his recent passing. The Philly Voice reports that Ron Previte passed away last week after complications from a heart attack. A memorial and funeral service will be held for Previte in Hammonton on August 30th.

Ron Previte began his adult life as a cop for the Philadelphia police force. Amazingly, it was on that force that Previte stated he learned how to become a criminal. Ron Previte was a large man who weighed over 300 pounds and was six feet tall. Throughout the 1990s, Previte was a mob enforcer.

Previte would end up wearing a wire for over a year while in the Stanfa family. Wearing a wire allowed Previte to collect evidence against the largest crime families in Philadelphia. He would send information he obtained to both the FBI and local law enforcement departments. The FBI would give Previte weekly cash to offer to Stanfa as a form of tribute. The evidence collected by Previte would go to on put such famous mobsters as Joseph Merlino and Ralph Natale behind bars. Natale was a huge crime boss in Philadelphia who would go onto plead guilty.

In summary, Ron Previte recently passed away from a heart attack at the age of 73. Previte started his entry into the workforce for the Philadelphia police department. However, he would soon enter into the world of organized crime in Philadelphia. It was a retired investigator that would end up getting Previte to get away from a life of crime. Previte wore a wire for about a year while obtaining information that would help put an end to the mob in Philadelphia.