Madison Street Capital Represents Sterling Packaging in Major Deal


Sterling Packaging was represented by Madison Street Capital exclusively in its latest growth equity investment strategy. The Madison Street Capital reputation for integrity, client service and excellence certainly came through for this major client. Sterling Packaging is known for its high-quality carton products, which are sold to and used by a broad customer base around the world. Its products are most commonly used for beverages in the food industry. Thanks to the invaluable connections and superior negotiating skills of Madison Street Capital, Sterling Packaging is now poised to expand its manufacturing capabilities and physical presence with an infusion of funds from Druid Capital Partners. Madison Street Capital was instrumental in arranging and securing this deal so that Sterling Packaging could expand into its new Alabama location. The expert team at Madison Street Capital was spearheaded by Jay Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director.


When asked about his perspective on wrapping up this monumental financing arrangement, Rodgers responded that he couldn’t be happier to serve such a hardworking and deserving client. He said that he takes great pride in the extraordinary work done by the team at Madison Street Capital and is especially pleased that they were able to close this deal so quickly. Rodgers realizes the value of timely concluding deals for his clients so that they can concentrate on getting to work in expanding their businesses. He says that it is very rewarding to see all of the hard work come together when a tremendous deal like this one is finalized.


One of the hallmarks of this deal, as with almost all of the deals orchestrated by Madison Street Capital, is that all of the parties were able to walk away from the table feeling as if their investment was on the right track. Representatives from Druid Capital Partners expressed their gratitude for the professionalism and responsiveness of the team at Madison Street Capital in wrapping up this transaction in a timely and orderly fashion. When both sides of the table have great things to say about the firm representing the recipient of a capital infusion, that is a solid sign that its dedication to its client and commitment to ethical dealings shone through.


Most anyone who knows about Madison Street Capital’s reputation in the industry would expect nothing less from this highly regarded firm. It is quite often that Madison Street Capital’s clients go on record with glowing comments about its performance and dedication to achieving its clients’ goals. However, Madison Street Capital is also noted by its peers and competitors as being a force to be reckoned with in the financial services industry. While Madison Street Capital always maintains the highest caliber of decorum, it has earned a strong reputation for aggressively representing its clients’ needs and holding nothing back in making sure that its clients are completely taken care of in every transaction.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital serves a diverse range of corporate clients around the world with all of their investment and financial advising needs. Madison Street Capital stands ready to serve its many clients whenever they have a major financial issue to take care of. Major corporations and blossoming start-ups rely on Madison Street Capital for all of their most sensitive and important financial issues.


One of the services that Madison Street Capital most readily provides to its corporate clients is proactive financial planning before they undertake major changes to their operations or business plans. The way that Madison Street Capital distinguishes itself from many of the other financial advisory firms in the industry today is that it always treats its clients’ goals as its own. There is no doubt that when a client signs up with Madison Street Capital, top-quality customer service and attention to detail are the expectation. Madison Street Capital works hard to exceed its clients’ expectations on every transaction, and its team of talented associates and directors are available at all times for questions or concerns that any client may have.


Madison Street Capital is a financial firm with a truly international presence. Rather than simply serving clients in many different countries over the phone, Madison Street Capital actually maintains offices on several continents, including Asia, Africa and North America. This means that your Madison Street Capital representative is always accessible and is able to forge relationships with investors from all over the world. Clients of Madison Street Capital appreciate that this firm has a global view on the market and is positioned to offer unique solutions to their financial needs.


Some of the most common financial services that Madison Street Capital provides include business valuation, reorganization services, bankruptcy planning, tax compliance, purchase price allocation, business exit planning, wealth management, business restructuring, capital restructuring, succession planning, structured financial products, corporate governance, private placements, compensation analysis and ownership transfers. Given that Madison Street Capital has served thousands of clients across hundreds of industries, there is a strong possibility that your company’s situation is something that the professionals at Madison Street Capital have handled before.


This type of in-depth experience and the quality of Madison Street Capital’s talent pool is something that clients have a hard time finding in any other financial services firm. Madison Street Capital has spent years building its team of financial professionals and has always stuck to its core values of prioritizing its clients’ needs and never settling for anything less than its best.


In recognition of Madison Street Capital’s stellar achievements in the financial services industry, it was named the winner of the Annual International M&A Advisor Awards M&A Deal of the Year in 2017. In fact, Madison Street Capital has been the proud recipient of a variety of prestigious awards from International M&A Advisor Awards since 2015. Madison Street Capital’s well-deserved recognition for success across multiple categories demonstrates what its clients already know. Madison Street Capital is always ahead of the curve.

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