Lori Senecal: How Current Trends in Advertising are Affecting Business Today

We live in a visually centered universe, and this is true in the world of advertising as well. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The appeal of visually stimulating advertising is so effective because it can surpass racial, gender, and cultural bias to reach the masses, creating a much more effective advertising campaign with a broader reach. That said, it can be hard to stand out in today’s ever growing sea of visual stimuli that individuals are bombarded with from practically all sources. Add in the fact that Facebook and other social media platforms are also constantly awash with visual debris and it is not surprising that it’s much harder to set yourself apart from the rest in today’s advertising world. The following are six trends, highlighted by Lori Senecal, that can help business owners create effective visual advertisements that are attention-grabbing and help them enhance their bottom line and become more productive.

Six Current Visual Advertising Trends to Boost Business Success

Advertising rules constantly change. What worked in the past might be ineffective today for many reasons. The following six trends are on the rise at the moment and can provide a much-needed boost to business owners everywhere.

* Virtuality Trend

Advertising is not simply about seeing what is in a static image. To be truly effective, visual advertising needs to stir emotions deep within the viewer that excites them to take action in some manner. This is difficult to do with a plain, static image. By using more virtuality focused images that captivate the feelings and emotions of the intended audience, business owners can see much more success from their advertising campaigns. Potential customers like to feel a part of something that is bigger than they are. The virtuality trend can make this possible with ease.

* Color Trend

The power of color cannot be underestimated. Our world is full of color, and this is for a very good reason. Color appeals to the masses, whether male or female. Specific colors can evoke powerful emotions or even bring back specific memories. The strategic use of bold color that corresponds to the message a business owner is attempting to get across is of vital significance to the success of a visual advertising campaign.

* Real Unfiltered Trend

Gone are the days when the public was drawn to fake looking images of pristine individuals that they couldn’t relate to. Today’s population of potential customers enjoy advertising that has an element of realism to it. Photos that depict real individuals, complete with the flaws that we all have, can send a powerful message to a viewer. These types of images can allow a real connection to be formed with the viewer and the brand, creating the possibility of a long-term relationship and repeat business down the line.

* Strong Women Trend

The depiction of strong, gritty women in advertising is a strong trend right now that appeals to both men and women alike. Representing women as tough creatures who continually fight to accomplish their dreams and goals sends a powerful message to both male and female viewers.

* Global Neighborhood Trend

Business owners want their advertising messages to appeal to a broad range of people, not just one isolated part of the population. By creating images that depict a global neighborhood that we are all a part of, this task can be accomplished more easily. No matter our background, we are all part of the human race. By focusing on what we have in common rather than what sets us apart, business owners can appeal to a much broader audience and experience faster growth.

* Playful Trend

Being naive isn’t generally seen as a positive quality, but it can be used for the good in advertising. Generating ads with photos that depict spontaneous and playful images and emotions can be extremely effective at appealing to a broad group of people. These images are especially useful on social media platforms. More people can relate to the human elements in these types of photos, and humor knows no social or cultural barriers.

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

Whether business owners like it or not, social media is here to stay. Forgoing a part of this huge opportunity to reach the masses is missing out on a big piece of the pie in terms of business revenue. Creating a strong brand on social media and maintaining an interactive presence on these platforms is vital today.

Who is Lori Senecal?

Lori Senecal is a successful business leader with a vast array of experience in the digital marketing sector of the business world. Lori currently serves as CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, where she is responsible for the global expansion of the agency. Crispin Porter & Bogusky currently have nine international offices that Lori Senecal manages, with more expansion planned for the near future.

Lori Senecal is driven by passion and creativity for her own success in a previously male-dominated arena of the business world. As a forward thinking business woman, Senecal prides herself on helping other women reach their professional goals as well. She mentors other business women who strive to see the same level of success in their professional lives as Lori has been able to achieve. Lori Senecal continues to lend her expertise to the advertising field and to assisting women all over the globe to follow in her footsteps and become powerful business women as well.

To be successful in today’s competitive world, business owners have to think outside the box and be willing to get creative. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of advertising. Visual stimuli are extremely important in appealing to the masses and overcoming niche markets to grab the interest of a broader group of people. When potential customers are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli, the effect can be a dulling of the senses that essentially makes previous advertising techniques suddenly become ineffective. By using the six visual advertising trends mentioned above, Lori Senecal proves business owners can once again gain the upper hand and get themselves noticed on a much larger scale, thereby enhancing their bottom line.

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