Backlash Against Activist Ensues After He Accuses Eagles Owner of Being a Racist


Shaun King is a civil rights activist who used to be a columnist for the New York Daily News. Very recently, King posted a series of his own opinions on Twitter, which painted Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie in a negative light, according to many.

King based his opinions on an article written by Marcus Hayes, which was published Wednesday, September 13th by the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer. Hayes is a sports columnist for the notable publication who has covered professional sports for quite some time. Hayes’ column is titled Colin Kaepernick’s act is a non-starter for Jeffrey Lurie’s Eagles.

Hayes offers some highly critical commentary, which reveals that he obviously disagrees with the stance Lurie has on the Colin Kaepernick situation. Kaepernick is a former starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who is currently an unsigned free agent. He became a polarizing figure last season by engaging in passive protests during pre-game National Anthem ceremonies.

He opted out of his contract last season after the 49ers had a dismal showing in the NFC West. Also, Kaepernick was obviously not from a performance standpoint the Jim Harbaugh-led quarterback who made it to the Super Bowl several years earlier. King took Hayes’ sentiment on this situation as it pertains to Lurie’s personal statements to a much different context.

In King’s September 14th Twitter postings, he went as far as to label Lurie as a racist. “I fundamentally reject the deeply offensive way Jeffery Lurie characterized Colin Kaepernick’s activism over this past year,” King tweeted. “The owner of the Eagles wouldn’t hire Colin because of his anthem protests but hired a white player who called black people nigger,” King also tweeted.

Using its Twitter account, the Philadelphia Eagles organization shot back against King’s social media rants with some logic of its own. “Your recent claims are entirely unfair and inaccurate. Here is the unedited transcript of what was said,” the Eagles replied in direct response to King. “Do you reject this local characterization? Because it frames it in a troubling way,” King tweeted back.

“We let the quotes speak for themselves,” the Eagles replied., a sports blog that prides itself on being the voice of die-hard Eagles fans also gave its rebuke of Hayes and King’s less than savory words against Lurie. “The idea that Jeffery Lurie is against signing a black quarterback because of off-the-field issues holds no water. This is the owner who hired Mike Vick straight out of prison,” read a recent post on the blog.