Glen Mills Native Pens Screenplay for It


The box office smash It, based upon the Stephen King novel about an evil clown named Pennywise, boasts a connection to Philadelphia. In fact, it was Glen Mills native Gary Dauberman who brought the story to the big screen. Pulling in some of the biggest box office numbers of the year—during an otherwise anemic time at the box office—It has captured the imagination of the entire nation. And it is Dauberman who was tasked with the daunting challenge of transferring the horror tale into a cinematic experience. For those who are eagerly awaiting the sequel, Dauberman will be writing it as well.

With It earning over $200 million already, Dauberman definitely has a lot riding on his next few drafts. As a diehard Stephen King fan, it is very important to him that the material be presented in the best possible light. With a passion for staying true to the story, Dauberman has said that his most important goal is to stay true to the story. Of course, he wasn’t always a Hollywood heavyweight. As a graduate of Temple, Dauberman first got some glitzy Hollywood credentials when he worked on Syfy projects and then partnered with director James Wan. It was the partnership with Wan that led to Dauberman’s script for Annabelle; with that project, a horror star was born.

However, Dauberman was a horror fan for a long time before he ever began writing from eh genre. Drawing inspiration from a local house that is believed to be haunted, Dauberman read his parents’ Stephen King novels and soaked up all the knowledge he could. In fact, it is primarily King’s opinion that Dauberman concerns himself with when working on the It franchise. Stating that King’s approval of the film was the ultimate reward, Dauberman worked hard to ensure that his script was authentic. Also, there was the fact that Stephen King does not give his approval lightly. In the past, he has voiced his disapproval of several adaptations of his work. For Dauberman, though, this was not a an issue. Currently, he is considering the possibility of working on even more King projects.