Philidelphia drug dealers effectively kicked off their post by graffiti


You don’t always need violence to take care of a drug problem. When a few local dealers decided to move into a new spot, they were met with fierce opposition by an unknown person. Graffiti stating phrases such as “DRUGS,” “30+ years no one sold drugs here,” “you can tell we new here,” and “don’t even think about it” appeared overnight surrounding the area that they attempted to set up shop at. There were multiple messages and even arrows pointing directly at the steps where they attempted to sell.

According to the locals, the street is relatively tame and quiet. Police have been called to this street in the past, but it was mostly minor disturbances. There were no indications of any drug dealing prior to this incident. While no one knows who put up the graffiti, it’s clear that the majority are grateful towards the artist. An intelligent solution where no one is put in harms way is always a welcome one.

The story comes from a Redditor, username Rubiredd, who posted an image of the graffiti on Reddit. Rubiredd stated that the graffiti was scribbled out after two days with black spray paint. The phrase “Don’t even think about it” was scribbled out so that only the words “Think about it” remained. The day after, city workers painted over the graffiti with beige paint.

We may never know who the graffiti toting vigilante was, but he or she certainly made sure that the drug dealers got the message: “We do NOT want drugs being sold here!” According to the locals, the dealers haven’t attempted to sell again since.

Rubiredd stated that they usually 311 any graffiti in the neighborhood, but this one they let slide. It’s always a treat to see a safe, creative solution to a difficult and dangerous problem.

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