Take your Market America Business Plan From Good To Great


Market America provides a viable path to earning a residual income by providing you the tools and platform you need to get there. But you won’t become an overnight success. Rightly so because it’s a real business, with real people and real results at stake. Beyond starting your own UnFranchise business, there are many steps you need to take to build your future. Market America’s community is there allow the way. Now you’ll want to read on to get some clear insight into how to transform your UnFranchise business from good to great.


First, it’s key to check in with your Market America UnFranchise business at regular intervals. This applies whether you’ve had your business for years or months. As JR Ridinger says time and again, your Market America business plan doesn’t grow on its own. Rather, you’ll need to put in the time and dedication in order to succeed. In fact, Ridinger says that you should be weary of systems that claim to provide you with immediate results. Those programs are not sustainable, nor are they proven over a long period of time. The Market America business plan has been shown to work over the span of more than 25 years in business. It’s model of residual earnings has made hundreds of millionaires. Thousands of other people have been able to supplement their pre-existing incomes off of the sustainable system, providing for a more comfortable life.  With the tools you’re handed and the strong community of support, Market America ensures you have the proper running start. But at the end of the day, your success depends on what you do with the provided tools and selling platform.


Market America is not an immediate solution to creating your financial independence. It’s a progressive system that allows you to craft your own long-term monetary freedom. If you want to turn your business from good to great, set aside some time to check in with your business. You can do this by yourself or with your team members. Neglecting to check in on your business is missing a key component in your very important relationship with your earning power. So taking this seriously is imperative, and in fact, the top earners do it. Simply settle in and ask yourself these potent questions: Why did I start my UnFranchise business? Why am I working towards financial freedom? Notice that both of these questions begin with why. The reason is that asking yourself why you are doing something really drives home your purpose and intent. Without those, your business may lack the focus and structure to provide eventual residual income.

The most important component of checking in with your business is recognizing whether or not you are on the same page. For the sake of your success, your personal why needs to match the business’ why. This means that your values, goals, and practical plans should be in alignment with your business values, goals, and plans. If the two are not matching, your business cannot go from good to great. If you did this exercise alone, write down if and how your personal and business whys diverge. If you are doing this exercise with your team members, have each member speak one-by-one on this topic. Make sure that you’re doing more than just pointing out what’s wrong. Use this time to really look at some practical ways of boosting your business through goal setting and obtaining a deeper understand of your investment in your business.


The next way that you can push your Market America business plan from good to great is to identify the areas of your business where you aren’t putting in your full effort. This is a bit of self-critique and exploration. When you do this exercise in a group, remember to be open-minded with your fellow team members and to encourage them. This exercise is not meant to single anyone out on poor performance. It’s meant for improving current business practices. Some examples of ways that you may not be fully engaging are: procrastinating on making your weekly calls to potential new UnFranchise owners, not keeping to a regimented social media posting schedule, and missing Market America events. Everyone has areas of their business that they can improve on, and addressing them in this business check-in will only help you.


After you’ve written down the areas of your business where you are not putting in your full effort, it’s time to come up with practical solutions. Since you have identified the problem, you are in a place of power to fix it. If you are not making enough calls to prospects, set a specific number now of people you will reach out to weekly. In your Market America Getting Started Guide, you were asked to list out 100 people to call. Missing this critical step will do you a disservice. If you need to, revisit the material you obtained at the onset of your UnFranchise business and follow the instructions thoroughly. Market America UnFranchise is a proven system that’s been tinkered with and refined for over two decades. Use the valuable methods that are already tried and true! You will hear JR Ridinger speak sometimes, especially on his blog, about the people who don’t follow the system. Those people do not succeed. Worse yet, some of them try to modify the system to their personal benefit and to the detriment of their team members. Market America is a collaborative system that works to benefit the whole when individuals succeed. To have a great business, follow the rules and trust the process.

Once you understand the core concepts of the Market America Business Plan, why you are building a residual income business, and what you need to improve on, it’s time to get out there. Fuel your own business stamina by encouraging your team members, and by regularly checking in with your business. Set aside a time each day, week, month, and year, to revisit your goals and performance. You’re your own boss now, so it’s time to give yourself an honest evaluation! Don’t let this chance pass you by to claim your financial freedom. It takes work, but really taking an honest look at your Market America business plan will take it from good to great.